My Classic Nick Collection

When people hear that I have a very extensive Classic Nickelodeon Collection they always ask me what I have, how I got them all and do I sell any of my copies.

How Did I Acquire My Collection?
Some of these are out on “proper DVD” so those were easy to find. Several of them I purchased from private collectors and a few of them I found on eBay.

Do I, Or Will I, Sell Copies Of My Collection?
The simple answer to this is no, I will not, and I cannot. I’m not capable of reproducing anything and even when I was I didn’t. I’m sorry if that sounds rude.

What Shows Do I Have? Here’s the List.

The Adventures of Black Beauty
Both of the original seasons and the first season of the New Adventures of Black Beauty.

The Adventures of the Little Prince – A movie that came out a few years ago.
Curious George – A couple of new movies.
Double Dare – About a dozen episodes.
Kids' Writes – Six episodes.
Marc Summers’ Mystery Magical Special
Out Of Control – A few episodes.
Pinwheel  - A few hours.

o   Chapi Chapo - About a dozen episodes. 
o   Curious George - An '80's stop motion DVD. 
o   Gumby - A few episodes on a disk three other cartoons. 
o   Paddington Bear - All of the original stop motion episodes plus both of the new movies. 
o   Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings - The first season. 

ü  Alex and the Wonderful “Doo Wah” Lamp – VHS
ü  Amazing Mr. Blunden, The – VHS
ü  Big Apple Birthday – VHS
ü  Kids’ Writes I, II – Six episodes.
ü  Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
ü  The Snowman
ü  The Stowaway – VHS
ü  Tuck Everlasting – VHS
ü  Water Babies
ü  Wild Rides – VHS

Spread Your Wings – Going to acquire all 26 episodes in the future.
Standby...Lights! Camera! Action! – A DVD with several clips on it.

THE THIRD EYE – All of them.
v Children of The Stones
v Haunting of Cassie Palmer, The
v Into the Labyrinth
v Under the Mountain

Today's Special – All seven seasons.
The Tomorrow People – All eight seasons.
Turkey Television – About three or four episodes.
Vegetable Soup – About a dozen.
You Can't Do That On Television – All ten seasons from 1979 – 1990.

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