My Want List

This is a list of the Classic Nickelodeon programs that I’m looking for. Please note that I am a private collector who does not copy and resell my collection. The videos and DVDs that I collect are for my own private viewing here at my house or my Mother’s house where I originally saw them. If you have any of these and would like to sell me copies – for private viewing – please contact me at 

Please note that if you contact me about any of these shows PLEASE PUT THE NAME OF THE SHOW IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

***** NON VIDEO ITEMS *****

Muppet's Magazine 1982
People Magazine – recent issue – no date – Marc Summers’ article
Any 80’s women’s or children’s magazines
Early to Mid 80’s TV Guides

Dusty's Treehouse
Hocus Focus
Kids’ Writes
Nick Rocks Video to Go
Science International (aka) What Will They Think of Next?
Spread Your Wings
Standby...Lights! Camera! Action!
Studio See

Pinwheel – more than just the 6 hrs that’s currently available
Adventures of the Mole, The (Krtkova Dobrodružství)
Bunny in the Suitcase (Kockásfülű nyúl)
Charlie's Climbing Tree
Emily (Emilie) (my favorite)
Hattytown Tales
Magic Coco
Magic Roundabout, The

Beware, Beware My Beauty Fair
Clarence & The Ottaway (staring Billy Hufsey)
Kids’ Writes I, II
Silver City (The Righteous Apples special)

Entertainment Blogs
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  1. U need to air avatar last air bender more often on nick toons thanks

  2. Hello, not sure if you realize this but this blog is a personal blog, I am not connected with Nickelodeon in any way. This is my personal “want list” of programs I am trying to find on video or DVD.

  3. I am looking for everything related to The Third Eye. I was about nine years old when I began watching and it got me into sci-fi and adventure. Yes, if shown these days I highly doubt that it would be marketed to young children. I would love to see a (GOOD) film interpretation of the Haunting of Cassie Palmer. Sadly, "Hollywood" would probably change it up so much it would be unrecognizable as a viewer that saw the original and also read the book, which at some points it quotes the book line for line.