Friday, September 16, 2011

Title Needed Please

Recently I changed to settings on my Facebook page, which caused a glitch in the syndication of this blog. Now that it’s all sorted out this is a repost of a blog I posted a few days ago. I am hoping that someone will be able to help Joe put a title to this description of a Classic Nickelodeon Special Delivery. ~ Thank you in advance.

Joe posted on Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery's Wall.
"Years ago, I recall seeing what I remember as anime on Special Delivery. It was about a space battle between machines/robots and some sort of planetary alliance. An untimatum was made by the machines and one member of the alliance, Cassiopia, elected to fight them and was destroyed. I am assuming this was on Special has wracked my mind for years despite my substantial google skills."

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  1. Perhaps he's thinking of this Peggy!

    The movie itself was actually a compilation or spin-off of a TV series that preceded it called "Once Upon A Time... Space".