Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Classic Nick Wed. – Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings

This simple classic 5-minute cartoon program was produced in the early 1970s by FilmFair Productions in London for Thames Television and was based on the writings of Edward McLachlan that was originally broadcast around teatime in Britain. In America children fell with Simon and his chalk drawing friends when they were featured on Captain Kangaroo where it was narrated by Bob Keeshan instead of Bernard Cribbins; it also aired on Nickelodeon’s Pinwheel, and after that, on Romper Room. In Canada it was narrated by Ernie Coombs and shown on CBC Television, while the Ontario public network, TVOntario, aired the original British version.

The show centers around a boy named Simon who has a magic chalkboard, magic in that whatever he draws on the chalkboard become real in "The Land of Chalk Drawings". Almost everyday Simon climbs over a fence near his home with a ladder to visit his friends in the land of chalk including his chalk-drawn friend Henry. Stories often revolve around the unintended effects that Simon's drawings have on the Land of Chalk Drawings, such as when an upset Simon draws a picture of his angry self, which proceeds to go on a rampage and various other adventures.

== New Episodes ==
A new version, currently being broadcast on Teletoon, features a new theme song, an updated outfit for Simon, blue and white colors in Simon's home world, and replaces his friend Henry with a new friend, a girl named Lily. In this new version, Simon wears a striped T-shirt, shorts and trainers, instead of a necktie.

== Simon In Popular Culture ==
The series was later parodied on NBC's Saturday Night Live by Mike Myers, however unlike the British series, the SNL sketches took place in Simon's bathtub, in which Simon shows, and discusses, drawings that correlate with his life.

Simon is also an award users can build on the popular Internet game BrokenPictureTelephone. It is awarded to users by other users who feel the drawer has the drawing skills of a 4 year old.

Genre – Children's Television
Narrated By – Bernard Cribbins
Country Of Origin – England
Original Language(S) – English
Production – Running Time – 5 Minutes
Production Company(S) – Filmfair
Broadcast – Audio Format Monaural

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  1. I think at present the series is owned by DHX Media up in Canada.