Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Forgotten Shows Of The 80s

Classic Nick Wed. – Forgotten Shows Of The 80s
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This week’s Classic Nickelodeon Wednesday is an email from Bear to the “A New Beginning for Classic Nickelodeon” Yahoo group. Thank you for being my inspiration this week Bear. I know I don’t post weekly like I use too but I HAVE to get through this course. For those of you who don’t know I’m taking a writing course with The Institute of Children’s Literature and I’m about half way through. Anyway on to the email!

Bear’s Email to the Group:
Subject: [New Beginning] Forgotten Shows Of The 80s
From: Bear
Sent: Tue 2/11/14 8:53 PM

Message: Mental Floss recently did an article on some forgotten shows that aired on Nick in the 80s.  You may read it here at...  How many shows can you name from the list?
My Answer:
Hi Bear,
Thank you for sharing this article with us. Your question to me was: “How many shows can you name from the list?” The easiest way for me to answer this question is to comment on each show individually.

 1. Out of Control
While I don’t remember watching this apparently I did b/c the first time I saw Dave Coulier do, “cut-it-out” on Full House my first reaction was, “Hey that’s the guy from Nickelodeon!”

2. Eureeka’s Castle, 3. Adventures of the Little Koala,
4. Count Duckula & 5. Don’t Just Sit There
These were “after my time”, I stopped watching Nickelodeon after I graduated high school in 1987.

6. Standby: Lights, Camera, Action!
Loved this show then and love it now and I wish it was still on the air especially now that I want to get into filmmaking. I can remember watching several episodes of this with my brother and I still remember when Leonard Nimoy showed us how to create a haunted house using double sided tape, a roll of cotton and Epsom salt. Yea, talk about cool!

 7. Kids' Court
This was another one that was “after my time”.

8. PopClips
This was on for such a short time that I have no memory of it but I did watch Nick Rocks: Video To Go.
9. Think Fast!
“After my time.”

10. Turkey Television
I don’t really remember if I watched this or not but I probably did.

 11. Hey, Dude
“After my time.”

So those are my answers for the shows they listed and now I’m going to list a few of my own (in alphabetical order). I may have written about some of these shows in the past but they’re still worth mentioning here.

The Adventures of Black Beauty
This family classic is just that, a classic show. Centered on the adventures of a “very beautiful” black horse. Black Beauty is a program that has truly endured the test of time; not only is the original 1970’s version on DVD it has also been added to Hulu.

Hocus Focus
Puppeteer Brad Williams stared as “Krispan” who journeyed into the future to learn about our world by watching short films.

Matt & Jenny On The Wilderness Trail 1850
After their parents die Matt (Derrick Jones) and his sister Jenny (Megan Follows) must search for the rest of their family. With the help of friends Kit (Duncan Regehr) and Mr. Cardston (Neil Dainard) life on the trail one big adventure.

Nick Rocks Video to Go
Pretty self-descriptive, this was a show that featured 80’s videos. I can remember watching videos on there that I never saw anywhere else like Luis Cardenas - Runaway and Like A Cannonball by Menudo.

Kids’ Writes
Young people wrote in and a talented cast of actors acted out the stories, poems and songs.

Spread Your Wings
If you ever wanted to travel then Spread Your Wings was the show for you. This program was featured kids from around the world in their everyday lives.

Studio See
I don’t remember a lot about this show but I wish I did, all I know is that I’d love to see it again.

Today's Special
How can anyone not remember Jeff, Jody, Sam and Muffy?

The Third Eye – Collectively
Check my blog during the month of October for a full description of each of the four programs.
The Tomorrow People
This is NOT the CW’s version of the show, I’m talking about the original 1970’s version. They were NOT “paranormal” as the new series suggests, they were, and still are, the next stage in human development. Their main powers are “the 3 Ts”, telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation (jaunting).

 You Can't Do That On Television
Green slime and Barth, need I say more?


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