Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Monkees

Classic Nick Wednesday – The Monkees
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hey guys,

I know I haven’t been doing too many Classic Nickelodeon Wednesday posts but I’ve been so busy I just haven’t had the time to do them anymore but I wanted to share with you something I just recently found out.

The Family Net channel has started airing two hours of The Monkees on Saturday mornings! Now some of you may ask what a 60’s television series has to do with 80’s Nickelodeon but I promise you The Monkees were a big part of 80’s Nickelodeon.

The Monkees originally aired on NBC from September 1966 to March 1968 with 1986 marking the group’s 20th anniversary. MTV celebrated Monkeemania by airing a Monkees TV show marathon ("Pleasant Valley Sunday") on February 23, 1986 then Nickelodeon joined in the fun by airing the original series daily. Between the two stations Monkeemania was reborn and The Monkees were a hit once again as their original albums began selling again including their greatest hits collection reaching platinum status.

That same year original members Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork released “That Was Then, This Is Now” with Davy Jones joining them a bit later when they released “Heart and Soul.”

The Monkees - That Was Then, This Is Now

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