Wednesday, May 6, 2015


(This was written for my Yahoo Group "A New Beginning For Classic Nickelodeon" which is why it has the link to this blog in it. Obviously if you're reading this here you know the link. :))

Wow I can't believe that my Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog turns 4 years old today!!! If you haven't checked it out here's the link and be sure to catch us on Facebook as well under "A New Beginning For Classic Nickelodeon" and "Nickelodeon Special Delivery." 

Now here's a tip. When you look for those names on F/B you will find two of the same name of them both. They are both mine. I have both pages and groups under those two titles and everything I post to the fan blog gets automatically posted to them and I'm posting stuff I don't even post here. Like that you may ask? 

(Almost) every Saturday I post "Classic Nick Rocks," which is my tribute to Nick Rocks Video to Go.

Every second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Sunday I post a Classic Nickelodeon Special Delivery. And if by some chance I get too busy on that Sunday I will post it the following Wednesday. 

So as I said if you haven't checked us out come on and hang out and Happy Birthday to my Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog!!!!!

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