Monday, June 15, 2015

Classic Nickelodeon Special Delivery – Fame – Of Cabbages and Kings

Fame was certainly never a part of Nickelodeon but since this whole blog is about breathing new life into Classic Nickelodeon and the 80’s in general Fame just seems to “fit.” This is one of my favorite episodes from season six entitled “Of Cabbages and Kings” guest starting Robert Romanus as “Miltie Horowitz,” a less than stellar student at New York’s School of the Arts.

When Mr. Shorofsky tells Miltie that he must write and preform an original piece of music Miltie does everything he can go get around it. First he tried to buy a song from Ian, then he re-writes a 14-centery love poem only to be busted by one of his fellow classmates in front of his girlfriend Maxie.

Will Miltie be able to win her back and pass his class? Find out!

Fame TV Series
Season 6
Episode 22 – Of Cabbages and Kings

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  1. I miss the 80's too & all the Saturday cartoons!