Saturday, December 19, 2015

Special Delivery – Unicorn Tales 1 & 2

Since this week has been a bit turned around anyway I may as well go with it and post a Special Delivery today instead of videos then try to get back to normal after the holidays. On that note look for my special Christmas post coming up either the 24th or 25th.

Now, this Special Delivery is actually a three in one Delivery. The three featured are, as they appear, “The Stowaway,” “Big Apple Birthday,” and “Alex and the Wonderful Doo-Wah Lamp” all of which aired as Special Deliveries on Nickelodeon in the ‘80’s.

Those three shorts came from a two videos called “Unicorn Tales 1 & 2.” Now I can’t find these shows separately online but some wonderful someone has put both videos online for us to enjoy and personally I am very thankful. I have the music from Big Apple Birthday and The Stowaway on CASSETTE TAPE that I taped off Nickelodeon when they aired back in the 1980’s!!! I loved these two shows and while I do have them on VHS my VCR isn’t working right now so I haven’t been able to watch them for a while. (Bit of my own history right there.)

So enjoy these Specials and I’ll see you all next week with Christmas Videos and Classic Specials!

Unicorn Tales 1

The Magic Pony Ride [0:00]
*The Stowaway [23:39]
The Maltese Unicorn [47:11]
Carnival Circus [1:10:43]

Unicorn Tales 2

*Big Apple Birthday [0:21]
*Alex and the Wonderful Doo-Wah Lamp [23:50]
The Magic Hat [47:17]

The Magnificent Major [1:10:51]

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