Sunday, August 14, 2016

Special Delivery – Sound Effects Master Fred Newman

Some of you might think this is an unusual choice for a Special Delivery, and perhaps it is, but if you were around Nickelodeon in the early to mid-1980’s then you will remember Fred Newman as the hose of Livewire, a talk show just for kids.

This audience participated style show was designed for kids of all ages, and the show's main focus discussed true current events and stories during those times. They also mixed it up with a variety of musical guests, storytellers and actors. Even Fred himself appeared as a guest teaching the audience about sound and how to create sound.

Livewire was the first Nickelodeon talk show to achieve a CableACE Award. It was also the #1 rated show on Nickelodeon in 1982, and never went below #7 in the ratings during the 5-year span of the show.

On a personal note, I love Fred Newman, he’s talented and funny and to this day I still have a recording of him on cassette tape when he was a guest himself on Livewire. I loved his “personal theme song” that he did, cracked me up!  

With that being said I hope you enjoy this lecture by Fred at the Academy of Art University.

Sound Effects Master Fred Newman | School of Sound Design | Academy of Art University

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