Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Special Delivery – Murder, She Wrote: South By Southwest

When Jessica boarded a train headed for El Paso, where she is to lecture at a conference, she had no way of knowing the woman she shares a table in the dining car with would vanish into thin air. Since her purse is still on the table Jessica believes she is coming back so when a message is announced for the woman Jessica accepts it in the woman’s absence. Time goes by and the woman still hasn’t returned to the table which prompts Jessica to search for her. This leads to an attack in her compartment and a demand for 'it' but Jessica has no idea what 'it' is and is rescued by a man claiming to be a journalist.

Eventually her search leads her to Agua Verde where the woman apparently lives but there are far more twists and turns as Jessica delves deeper into this mystery. Does she find the mysterious woman? Is her own life still in danger? Find out in this week’s Special Delivery!

Murder, She Wrote: South By Southwest

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