Saturday, February 23, 2019

Classic Nick Alert – The Monkees

1986 marked the 20th anniversary for The Monkees and suddenly a whole new generation suddenly had Monkee Mania as the “pre-fab” four once again aired on both MTV and Nickelodeon. Suddenly Super Teen, 16 Magazine, Tiger Beat and many other popular magazines at the time were filled with not only classic Monkees articles but new articles as well. 

But now with the passing of a second Monkee, Davy Jones being the first, MeTV will air two Monkees episodes that feature Peter Tork. Tune in this Sunday, February 24, at 5PM | 4C to pay tribute to one of our favorite groups.

The two episodes that will are:

“One Man Shy" – 5PM | 4C
A rich debutante named Valerie books the Monkees to play her coming-out bash. Awkward Peter immediately falls head-over-heels for her. Just one problem — the girl's snobby rich suitor goes out of his way to show her why she should never be with poor Peter. The Monkees cook up their own plot in retaliation to prove just what a fine fellow Peter truly is. Features the tunes "Valerie" and "I'm A Believer."

“The Devil and Peter Tork” – 5:30PM | 4:30PM
This tale is based loosely on Stephen Vincent Benet's fantasy novel The Devil and Daniel Webster (just like the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"). Peter falls in love with a golden harp in Mr. Zero's Pawn Shop. Alas, he has no cash to buy it. Zero produces a Faustian contract, which Peter signs. Micky, Mike and Davy remind Peter that he can't play the harp. But — poof! — Zero appears in a cloud of smoke and endows Peter with masterful harp skills. The lads suddenly become a harp act — and an instant overnight success.

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