Friday, March 8, 2019

Classic Nick Friday – Standby. . .Lights! Camera! Action!

Leonard Nimoy hosts a show on the Nickelodeon cable channel that takes a behind-the-scenes look at major movies. 

CineMagic Issue #22 by Starlog Press
Publication Date – 1983

“Standby. . .Lights! Camera! Action!” is a series of 12 one-hour shows on the Nickelodeon cable channel that takes viewers behind the scenes of major motion pictures and examines how movies are made. The show should especially interest CINEMAGIC readers because a variety of special effects are explored by host Leonard Nimoy and his guests. Past guests have included a mechanical effects technician, a professional stuntwoman and others whose profession is some fascinating aspect of film- making. Nimoy invariably has his guests demonstrate the tricks of their trade.

Recently, CINEMAGIC Publisher Kerry O'Quinn appeared on "Standby. . .Lights! Camera! Action!" to talk about the CINEMAGIC/SVA Short Film Search. C1NEMAG1C Editor-in-Chief David Hutchison also appeared on the show and demonstrated a few simple special effects that CINEMAG1C readers should be familiar with, among them: miniature rocket exhaust, miniature explosions, making a raygun from house- hold items, and creating a cobweb effect. Damon Santostefano, a 1980 CINEMAGIC/SVA winner appeared on a segment aired in August and talked about his winning film Roublex O.M.F. and his aspirations of directing feature films. Joey Ahlbum, a 1982 winner of the CINEMAGIC/SVA Short Film Search, has also appeared on the show to talk about his film, Bandits, and his career in the animation field.

Produced exclusively for Nickelodeon, "The First Channel for Kids," each hour examines three films; the principals involved are interviewed; the stunts and special effects are demonstrated; and every detail, right down to makeup and costumes, is explained in such a way that fantasies are preserved, curiosity is heightened and awe of the silver screen is intensified.

"Standby. . .Lights! Camera! Action!" fulfills the need created by the proliferation of films aimed at young audiences.  The fantastic qualities of these films has created a desire in many young people to learn how movies are made. That desire is in the heart of every C1NEMAGIC reader, and "Standby. . .Lights! Camera! Action!" provides a rare opportunity to sample the methods behind the magic of
today's blockbusters.

Films featured in the series include: E.T.; Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back; Revenge of the Jedi; Annie; Superman III; Black Stallion II; Wonder Woman; and Raiders of the Lost Ark sequel. CM

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