Monday, April 1, 2019

Happy 40th Nickelodeon!

The past is an island unto itself and never was there a truer statement, especially when it comes to Nickelodeon’s past. In the beginning The First Network for Kids was primarily a learning channel with shows like Vegetable Soup, Today’s Special, Pinwheel and Science International (What will they think of next?). But the network also had an adventurous side with shows like The Tomorrow People.

We learned about the importance of family as Matt and Jenny searched for their family along with their guardians Kit and Mr. Cardston. Black Beauty also taught us about family along with being kind to animals, helping our neighbors, being honest no matter what the consequences and we also learned how to respect our elders. – Qualities I’m sorry to say are lost on today’s children and not likely to come back any time soon.

Kids, literally, laughed out loud when someone got slimed on You Can’t Do That On Television while Fred Newman helped us learn about the world around us from a kid’s perspective on Livewire.

For as much as I hear ‘90’s kids, and younger, bash ‘80’s Nickelodeon for doing so many things wrong I have to say, they must have done SOMETHING right they would have gone off the air after that first decade. Sadly, today’s Nickelodeon is not even a hollow shell of what it once was and it’s a very, very sad thing to have to witness. My Nickelodeon may have been  the “green vegetable” days but as I’ve often said, you can not feed a child pure raw sugar and expect them to grow up strong and healthy and that is exactly what Nickelodeon has become, pure raw sugar which is why my Nickelodeon tribute is so very different from many of those out there making Nick at 40 videos. Sure, I could some on and give my analysis of those early years like everyone else and bash them for doing this and this and this wrong but I’m not going to do that. I REFUSE TO DO THAT! So, that being said…

Welcome to my Generation’s version of Nickelodeon! Today I have done my best to recreate “A Day In The Life Of ‘80’s Nickelodeon.” This is a sample of what we were watching in the 1980’s and a very special thank you to everyone who posted these videos to their channels on youtube. So, grab your popcorn and sit back and  enjoy My Nickelodeon!

Happy 40th Anniversary Nickelodeon!

Video Comics

Pop Clips

America Goes Bananaz

Pinwheel – 1977

Pinwheel – 1980’s

Dusty’s Treehouse

Today’s Special – Fun

Matt and Jenny – The Bellinis

Adventures in Rainbow Country – The Tower

Spread Your Wings – Stallions of Lipica, Yugoslavia

Studio See – Rick Baker Segment (Yes it's watchable.)

Vegetable Soup

First Row Features – Mr. Horatio Knibbles
**This was the very first show I watched on the Pinwheel Channel.**

What Will They Think Of Next?

Kids’ Writes

Adventures of Black Beauty – Runaway

The Tomorrow People – Worlds Away

You Can’t Do That On Television – Back to School

Double Dare

The Monkees – Royal Flush

Against The Odds

Standby... Lights! Camera! Action! – Revenge of the Jedi

Belle & Sebastian

Dangermouse – Custard

Bananaman – The Complete Series 1 (1 Hour)

Special Delivery – UFO Kidnapped

Out Of Control - Special Guest Fred Newman

Nick Rocks: Video To Go

Mr. Wizard's World

Nick Bumper – Silver Ball

The Third Eye – Under the Mountain – Ep. 1 – Maar

Whatever Turns You On – Pilot  

Turkey Television

Star Trek Cartoon – Beyond the Farthest Star

Adventures of the Little Prince Somewhere in Space

Livewire – 1980

Nickelodeon sign off (1984) into Arts & Entertainment Network

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