Thursday, April 1, 2021

Happy 42nd Anniversary Nickelodeon


A day in the life of Classic Nickelodeon. 



America Goes Bananaz


Video Comics – Sugar & Spike



Today's Special Live on Stage – 1985

 Dusty's Treehouse


Matt and Jenny on the Wilderness Trail 1850

Vegetable Soup I

Adventures in Rainbow Country – The Kid from Spanish Harlem

Studio See – Rick Baker Segment

Livewire – The Magnificent Force Segment

Livewire – Garland Jeffreys – Ballad of Me

Adventures of Black Beauty The Fugitive

The Tomorrow People – The Medusa Strain


 Spread Your Wings – Tanya's Puppet, Soviet Union

Hocus Focus #38

DefunctTV: The History of Legends of the Hidden Temple

Double Dare – The Rif Raffs vs The Gruesome Twosome

Mr. Wizard’s World

You Can't Do That On Television – Back to School

Kids’ Writes

Standby...Lights! Camera! Action!


Danger Mouse

Out Of Control – Dave Coulier vs. Fred Newman

Nick Rocks with commercials (January 3, 1987)

The Third Eye – Children of the Stones

The Adventures of The Little Prince – Visit to Another Planet

Unicorn Tales

Science International (What Will They Think of Next?)

Belle and Sebastian – Belle Meets Sebastian

Turkey Television

Star Trek The Animated Series

EP1 Beyond The Farthest Star

Don't Just Sit There with special guest, Yahoo Serious (1989)

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