Monday, August 17, 2009

While looking up information on Nickelodeon's non publicised 30th anniversary I came across this article and I'm including the pictures.

I find it very intresteing that the word "Nickelodeon" is written in a simular font that they used 30 years ago on their viewer's guides (picture included.) The other pictures included are the one's from the article. So let's talk about this, what do yall think about their logos?

Slime-Free Logo Changes

Nickelodeon Cleans Up Its Branding for 30th Anniversary

It looks like Nickelodeon’s new logo for its 30th anniversary is an attempt to clean up its image. But is such noticeable rebranding necessary?

The first image of the gallery shows the Nickelodeon logo on signage for the Animation Festival 2009. Its lower case typeface and slightly stylized ‘i’ is a far cry from the splat we’ve grown to love over the past 25 years.

Is Nickelodeon’s logo change necessary?


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