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YCDTOT Star Less Lye Dead at 84

YCDTOT Star Less Lye Dies at 84
'You Can't Do That on Television' Star Dies


Canadian actor Les Lye, known to millions of North Americans in their 20's and 30's as the omnipresent adult on 'You Can't Do That on Television,' has died at 84। According to his CTV obituary, the veteran comic passed away on Tuesday. The cause is unknown.

Recent Losses in TV LandYouTube20 photos Les Lye, July 21: You know him as the foil to all those silly kids on 'You Can't Do That on Television' during the show's heyday। Lye died at age 84।

The Ottawa native was enjoying a successful career in radio when in 1979 he joined the then-local kid's variety show, where he played an assortment of adult roles opposite a cast of kids (including Alanis Morissette)। One of his most repeated characters was Barth, the gross proprietor of Barth's Burgery.

When 'YCDTOTV' moved over to Nickelodeon in the early 1980's, Lye became a household name। That is, if your home included children.

Lye appeared in every episode of every season he was in the cast, up until leaving the show in 1990। The show may be best known for it's signature sliming whenever someone said "I Don't Know."

Besides Barth, other memorable characters created by Lye were:
-- Ross Ewich, a studio director whose name rhymes with "raw sewage."
-- El Capitano, a firing squad captain hired to shoot the kids, but instead ends up getting shot.
-- Snake Eyes, a horrible bus driver.
-- Senator Lance Prevert, a drunken politician.
With fellow comic Bill Luxton, Lye co-created the comedy duo Uncle Will and Floyd, which appeared on Canadian TV for more than 20 years।

Lye is survived by his wife Johnni and three children।

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