Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Saturday Meeting

Our meeting is this Saturday the 17th at 5:30 at the café (1117 N. Jackson).

Last time only one person showed up and this time that person isn’t able to make it. So if no one shows up I don’t know that I’ll keep this group open. I’ll just have to think about it b/c I’m not going to kill myself if no one’s going to show up for the meetings.

Sorry for being harsh but I don’t know what else to do. My dream is to write and make films and it’s hard to sit back and watch that dream die b/c everyone just looses interest.

I don’t know. Perhaps we should put the Doctor Who / Tomorrow People film on hold for now and work on something else? Something smaller and more suited for our small group but still keep working on B/O behind the scenes? You know, set and costume ideas and so forth?

The café is thinking about hosting a WhoviCon, not specifically for us just b/c the owners are huge Who fans. What do you guys think, is that something we would like to get involved in? Personally I think it will be good for us but we, as a group, would need to help the owners think of activities and so for to do at the Con. I thought of a costume contest and Tiffany, one of the owners, thought of a TARDIS building contest – which I love the idea of but we’d have to have more than just those two things to do. They can’t show episodes there b/c they don’t have a commercial license so we’d need to have other things to do.

Well anyway, if anyone has any ideas, other than we need to change our name, then let me know at the meeting on Saturday. 580-477-0625

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