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You Can’t Do That On Film

Classic Nick Wed. - You Can't Do That On Film

August 28, 2013

Weather you’re an 80’s Child or a 90’s Kid there is one show that both groups of Classic Nickelodeon fans can agree on and that’s “You Can’t Do That On Television!”

David Dillehunt not only spent his youth watching 80’s Nickelodeon but as a child he appeared in commercials for the network itself. Now as an adult he steps back into his childhood to bring us “You Can’t Do That On Film,” a documentary on one of Nick’s highest rated shows in the 80’s and 90’s.

Diehard fans who have never delve too deeply into the show’s history will revel in nostalgia as Dillehunt compares the difference between the show’s popularity in both Canada and the United States. He also gives us insights as to how the show was cast, and how Les Lye’s value to the show was easily overlooked.

Fans should also keep in mind that while this documentary was recorded in Dolby Digital 2.0 this is still (very much) a low-budget, independent film that results in the soundtrack being a bit rough in places with the volume of the different interviews at different levels. But what it lacks in consistent volume it makes up for in the extras!

In addition to the many interviews Dillehunt doesn’t forget about the fans and throws in such fun things as the Slime-Con events from both 2002 (22:52 mins) and 2004 (22:48 mins). They include Q&A with the cast, a trip to a local burger joint who provided the burgers for all of the Barth sketches, a visit to the capital building in Ottawa and a return to studio where the show was filmed.

There are also four extended interviews including an all-new 24:53 minute chat with the show's creator Roger Price (who also created The (OS) Tomorrow People), Les Lye (11:20 mins), Adam Reid (7:56 mins), and director/producer Geoff Darby (6:02mins). Also included is the trailer for the documentary and an automatic slideshow of images from the set of the show (3:53 mins), which are presented at about half the screen's size.
The bottom line is that “You Can't Do That on Television” was a rather impressive kids sketch show for its time that never talked down to its audience. For those of us who would like the opportunity to wallow in the nostalgia of fond memories of the show having this oral history available is quite appreciated and well worth checking out, but ownership is probably best left to show's diehard fans.

Shout Factory
October 16, 2012
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