Friday, September 4, 2015

Emily / Emilie

For the last few days I’ve been in the mood to watch the old “Emily” cartoons they use to show during Pinwheel which use to air on #Nickelodeon. So just by chance I typed in “Emilie,” b/c I know that it was a French cartoon that had been adapted to English, and this is what I found. Apparently she has a whole youtube channel!

Emilie - Compilation #1 - EP. 1 à 3

To keep with the Emily theme here is the English opening credits as it aired on Nickelodeon and as well as a French episode also in the same old fashion style.

Emily on Pinwheel (English)

Emilie – Full Episode

 And finally I’d like to share these pictures I took at Walmart, they are of a hedgehog figurine that I of course named Humphrey after Emily’s Humphrey. As a bonus I’m throwing in these pictures of a crow figurine that reminded me of Maynard from Gigglesnort Hotel.




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  1. It doesn't surprise me when they remake these things, even in other countries. Whether those things get played over here or not is anyone's guess (and seriously, that new Emily series would look nice on Nick Jr. if they can stop playing endless reruns of Peppa Pig).