Friday, June 9, 2017

Jake From Pinwheel Called Me Back!

Alright, I can’t really get into the details of this but. Sometimes last week I emailed Mr. James and, as always, when he answered me he added his phone number to his signature. So yesterday, Thursday, June 8, 2017 I picked up the phone and called him. I got is answering service and left my message. Then today, Friday, June 9, 2017, at 4:36 pm Mr. James phoned me back!!!

Honestly y’all, I had to catch my breath for a moment I was, and still am, very excited about it. We spoke about forty-five minutes and I must say, he is an absolute joy to speak to. His warmth and grace shone through the telephone receiver as none other. I am so honored that I had a chance to visit with one of my oldest friends whom I am just meeting for the first time. I am, at this moment, crying tears of joy as I write this. Happy tears 😊. My goodness…just…wow.

Please keep me in your prayers, it’s something good but I still need God’s favor and thank you for listening to my very, very happy story. 


  1. I'm glad you got the chance to speak with him. Very very entertaining man. I hope he's doing well.