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Special Delivery – Big Apple Birthday

BigApple Birthday 1978

It’s Amy’s 10th birthday, is she excited? Not in the least. “It’s a bore!” she declares as she wakes up and looks at the calendar. Upon arriving downstairs, where her family is waiting with gifts and a cake, she tells them how bored she is with the whole affair.

When her parents tell her that her Aunt Lucy has a gift for her she asks, “Oh Mom, do I have to sit though that long boring bus right when I can be bored with much less trouble right here at home?” But with a little coaxing from her parents she decides that she may as well go and get it over with so off she goes. She arrives at her aunt’s apartment building and discovered that it’s unlike any apartment building she’s ever been to; it is most certainly not a bore!

The first person she meets is the wacky doorman who thinks her Aunt Lucy has been turned into a butterfly! Next is the elevator man, the wacky picknickers, then Little Bo Peep? Old King Cole? “You mean, you’re all characters from fairy tales?” She asks. “Of course, isn’t everybody?” Sleeping Beauty asks with a yawn.

As the characters begin to tell how their average everyday lives changed from humdrum to exciting something begins to happen to Amy. By the time she returns home her whole outlook on life has changed and she can’t wait to tell her best friend who, only yesterday was boring. Before she leaves her mother brings out the gift from Aunt Lucy. What is it? I can’t tell you that, you’ll have to watch and find out for yourself 😉.

Songs include: "What a Bore!" "Look What Happened to Me" and "Feel."

Director: Nick De Noia
Writers: Lewis Carroll (novels) and David Wolf (writer)

Cast (in credits order)
Kelly Ellen Collins - Amy Patterson
Lea Collins – Mrs. Patterson (as Her Mother)
Bill Drew – The Doorman
Warren Ball – The Elevator Man
Ira Lee Collings – The Picnickers
Ronald Kienhuis – The Picnickers (as Ronny Kienhuis)
Warren Parker – The Picnickers
Anthony Ventresca – Gordon Patterson
Thomas Tierney – Mr. Patterson
Maria Malfitano – Aunt Lucy
Rep Gurst – Sleeping Beauty
Robin Black – Cinderella
John Nevitt – Little Jack Horner
Trini Alvarado – Goldilocks
Alex Paez – Aladdin
Phil Rash – Ole King Cole
Ann Nevill – Little Bo Peep
Peter Taylor – Pinocchio
Neil Cerbone – Frog
Peter G. Boynton – Frog Prince (as Peter Boynton)
K.K. Preece – Fairy Godmother
Mark Manley – The Fiddlers Three
Alan U. Schwartz – The Fiddlers Three (as Alan Schwartz)
Marcelino Sánchez – The Fiddlers Three

More Fairy Tale Folk
Craig Alfano, Kim Cahill, Kerry Finn, Linda Germer, Joy Goodson, Dawn Herbert, Bonnie Kline, Earl Aaron Levine, Kevin Lugo, Lois McGuire, Nancy Raymon, Larry McLeon, Jay May, Rene Roy, Brent Saunders, Seth Tomasini, Steven Williams

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