Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Classic Nick Wed. – Adventures in Rainbow Country

Filmed in 1969 Adventures in Rainbow Country was a television series which centered around Nancy Williams (Lois Maxwell), single mother raising her children, Hannah (Susan Conway) and Billy (Stephen Cottier), in hunting and fishing lodge near a lake in rural Northern Ontario. The lodge had been built by Nancy’s husband Frank who disappeared two years earlier when his bush plane went down while he was prospecting for gold.

Only 26 episodes were produced in total but technically the show was never cancelled or axed and was very popular in Canada where it aired on CBC Television in 1970 and 1971. Reruns were later shown on the American children's cable channel Nickelodeon during the early 1980s. It has continued to air in repeats, both in Canada and internationally — in Canada, the show had been seen on DejaView, on Silver Screen Classics, in Australia the series is screened on GEM.

Locations for the show included Whitefish Falls, which is near Espanola, Ontario, Canada as well as Birch Island and Manitoulin Island. To this day The Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts are known as the Rainbow Country which are a tourist attraction as a result of this series. And in August 11-14, 2006 A cast, crew and fan reunion event took place in Whitefish Falls.

Guest Appearances
Actors who made appearances on the show included Gordon Pinsent, Margot Kidder, Len Birman, Percy Rodrigues, Duke Redbird, Jean-Louis Roux, Murray Westgate, Anthony Kramreither and Eric Christmas.

Episode List
La Chute (September 20, 1970)
The Tower (September 27, 1970)
The Frank Williams' File (October 4, 1970)
Skydiver (October 11, 1970)
The Boy from Spanish Harlem (October 18, 1970)
Panic in the Bush (October 25, 1970)
Long Tough Race (November 1, 1970)
The Town That Died (November 8, 1970)
The Eye of the Needle (November 15, 1970)
Girl on a Tightrope (November 22, 1970)
The Return of Eli Roqcue (November 29, 1970)
Roar of the Hornet (December 6, 1970)
Lac du Diable (December 13, 1970)
The Muskies Are Losing Their Teeth (December 20, 1970)
Milk Run (December 27, 1970)
A Wall of Silence (January 3, 1971)
Where the Rice Grows Wild (January 10, 1971)
Bird Watchers (January 17, 1971)
The Boy Who Loved Animals (January 24, 1971)
Mystery at Whaleback Bay (January 31, 1971)
Night Caller (February 7, 1971)
Lake on Blue Mountain (February 14, 1971)
Stolen Tugboat (March 7, 1971)
The Hermit (March 14, 1971)
Pursuit Along the Aux Sauble (March 21, 1971)
Dreamer's Rock (March 28, 1971)

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