Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Do Not Pass Go

It is with the deepest of sorrows, and many tears, that I bring you this news.

As you all know I filled out a grant application with the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to try to gain funding for our Nickelodeon Fan Convention but last week I received a letter telling me that my application was rejected. The letter reads as follows:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June 21, 2019

Dear Peggy:

The Altus/Southwest Area Economic Development Corporation Tourism Committee met on June 5, 2019 to review the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Tourism Requests. Your request for the Nickelodeon Fan Convention (Nick Fan Con) was discussed and considered however there was now enough information to support the event and the details have not been fully worked out.

The committee agree they would have considered it further had the event been a little more organized and if you had acquired addition al outside funding. It certainly looks to be an interesting program and perhaps the event can still be realized should you obtain further funding and backing for your budget.

If you can work out the necessary details needed, perhaps the committee can reconsider another request at a later date for at least partial funding of the event. We appreciate the work you put into this project and your efforts to bring this event to our community. Please stay in contact should you firm up the details of your program.

Linda Walker, Executive Assistant

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, there you have it. I’m so, so sorry everyone, I feel like I’ve let all of you down and there’s nothing I can do to make it better. I’m practically home bound these days because of my arthritis, and I don’t have any contacts who can help me sponsor this, I just don’t now what to do. ☹ But ya know, at the very least they could have approved the Pinwheel Live but they didn’t even make that an option. And frankly, by the questions they asked me I don’t think they were convinced that these stars, Marty Schiff, Craig & Olga Marin and George James, were willing to come all the way down here to Altus just to do this convention. Anyway, please forgive me for getting your hopes up again, I really did try. ☹

If you’d like to call the EDC and complain please feel free.

Altus Chamber of Commerce / EDC – Ask for Linda or Roger

All My Love,
Peggy Sue

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