Monday, July 20, 2009

Official Cancellation

Before I go on with this I'd like to ask your forgiveness। I told you that I “would let you know Monday”, but what I ment was LAST Monday। I've been working on something for my aunt and I hadn't had a chance to properly post this।

Yes, the fan meet is officially canceled. When I called the hotel to see how many, if any, rooms had been reserved and the answer was no, none had been. (Not counting the one which had to be canceled of course.)

I know that this is a disappointment for all of us but I honestly did not have a choice। I also know that there were several of you who wanted to come but for one reason or another were unable too and for those of you who were, *giant huggs* thank you. Maybe now we'll be able to plan this again and see what happens next year, and I have a feeling that things will be very different.

This is kind of a bittersweet post b/c on the one hand I'm telling you that the fan meet is canceled but on the other I'm telling you that I was on Facebook and just for the heck of it started typing in the names of several of the Classic Nickelodeon programs and I about fell out of my chair!
(List of programs -हटमल )

The first one I started with was “You Can't Do That On Television” and I found like four pages!!! I also found “Turkey Television”, “Today's Special”, “Pinwheel” and even one for “Dusty's Treehouse”!!!!!!!!!! There was even a page for “The Adventures of Black Beauty”! And I'm not done yet, I'm going to keep looking up shows and I'm going to join as many of those groups as I can and post my idea about the fan meet to them and see what happens। I've even went as far as printing my own tickets for it so that I can send different color tickets to different groups. (Or does that sound too cheep and stupid?)

I'm also going to email Marty (Schiff) and see when his and Dave's (Coulier) schedule looks like for next fall and more than likely I will use their schedules to plan when the fan meet will be held next year। Plus I'm going to email one other person and see what he says, which will hopefully be a resounding yes।

Well that's it's it, I'm sorry that I build up your hopes and then dashed them :( please forgive me. Hopefully I will be able to make this up to you next year so keep your fall schedules open and help me pray that we get a decent turn out!

I love you all,
Peggy Sue

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