Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh my gosh I'm so excited, I just bought 15 episodes of "Out of Control" on iOffer!!! So that's one more show I can add to the playlist for the fan meet!

I've decided that since I do have so many of these classics on video and DVD that I'm going to make one video tape (or DVD if I can find the instructions) of all the old shows for the fan meet.

What I thought would be to use one of my old TV guide schedules and copy it as closely as possible with what I have. For example have one hour of Pinwheel followed by Today's Special and Vegetable Soup and so forth. So in a way I'll be recreating (as much as possible) a full day of Classic Nickelodeon programs for us to enjoy so I hope that everyone, or at least a lot of you, are making plans to be here for it!!!

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