Friday, May 13, 2011

Program Title Needed

As most, or all, of you know we have a F/B page and group named after this group (A New Beginning For Classic Nickelodeon) but what you may not have known is that I have also set up a page & group for Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery – title self explanatory.

One of the members posted this on the wall and I told her that I would send this to the group and post on my Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog as well to see if we can find out that the name of this show was. So here is her post, do any of you know that the name of this show is?

Lindsay posted on Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery's Wall. Lindsay wrote: "Does anyone remember the SD movie about a group of alien-type humans whose eyes glowed red when they saw gold or some kind of metal? It's been driving me crazy for years that I cannot think of the title!"

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