Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainbow Country - Time To Call

This is an email I got from the Adventures in Rainbow Country Facebook group. I'm posting it b/c I thought yall might like to have this information.

Clayton Self posted in Adventures in Rainbow
Clayton Self 3:31pm May 30

Ok everyone its time to use the phone to call Ellis Entertainment in Toronto as they still have not responded to my email about a dvd release ..we fans have sent enough emails to no avail.. call this # (416)444-7900 ext. 225..ask to talk to Grace Lo and then ask to talk to Stephen Ellis both..Tell them about all us fans waiting, about the fan site, about the facebook fan site and about the reunion in 2006 as this will help our cause..also tell them we plan to put episodes online for fans to enjoy...Thanks guys!!!....Post all responses from them on here for updates...

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