Tuesday, June 7, 2011

***Under the Mountain***

For those of you who have The Movie Channel East (TMCe) they are going to show the remake of The Third Eye classic “Under the Mountain” Thursday morning, 7:45 AM Central Standard time, check your time zone for the exact time.

Right now you can find the original “Under the Mountain” on YouTube for a refresher before you see the new movie (or after). I have seen this new version and it’s awesome, it’s very much a tribute to the original and I was on the edge of my seat though out the whole movie.

There are some small changes here and there, the opening is different and Mr. Jones has some new powers that he didn’t original have and the twins are at least 3-5 years older but it’s sooo good; really I just can’t say enough about this awesome remake.

The night this had come on one of the Starz channels and I found out that I had JUST missed it on TV (literally the credits were just rolling past the screen!) I ran out and bought it, went and picked up my Mom and came home and popped it in. And what was so cool was that I had taken the original to her house one day and we watched the whole thing together so naturally I wanted her with me when I watched the remake. Needless to say we had the best time watching this together.

For fans of the original “Under the Mountain” I HIGHLY recommend this movie!!!

Under the Mountain (2009)
91 min - Adventure | Drama | Fantasy - 26 November 2009 (Kuwait)

Teenage twins battle dark forces hidden beneath Auckland's volcanoes.

Director: Jonathan King
Writers: Maurice Gee (novel), Matthew Grainger (screenplay
Stars:Tom Cameron, Matthew Chamberlain and Oliver Driver

Credited cast:
Tom Cameron ... Theo
Matthew Chamberlain ... Uncle Cliff
Oliver Driver ... Mr Wilberforce
Matt Gillanders ... Wilberforce Drone
Bruce Hopkins ... Richard Matheson
Toi Iti ... Policeman
Bill Johnson ... Mr Carpenter
Nathaniel Lees ... Detective Gray
Sophie McBride ... Rachel
Chelsea McEwan-Miller ... Clementine
Colin Moy ... Constable Wood
Sam Neill ... Mr. Jones
Gareth Reeves ... Wilberforce Drone
Michaela Rooney ... Aunt Kay
Madeleine Sami ... Constable Green

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