Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To Make A Gumby Costume

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner it’s only fitting that the Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog post something…well…green. So in honor of St. Pat’s here are your instructions on “How To Make A Gumby Costume”.

Now I must admit that I have never attempted this myself if you read this and make it please send me your pictures and I’ll post them!!! In fact I will not only post them here I will also post them on my new Classic Nickelodeon Forever website! So everyone put your creative hat on and start sending in those pictures!!!


How To Make A Gumby Costume
by eHow Holidays & Celebrations Editor
Link - http://www.ehow.com/how_2067142_make-gumby-costume.html

This cute television icon seems like a good candidate for a Halloween costume, but Gumby is actually an ambitious choice. For a complete Gumby, the costume will cover the entire body, and it might take awhile to get using to walking inside of it. Nevertheless, there are always different ways to go based on degrees of authenticity.

Things You'll Need
Styrofoam sheets
Exacto knife or scissors
Green craft paint

Step One - Get Styrofoam sheets. For an authentic Gumby costume, Styrofoam is the best, You'll want a sheet at least as tall as the person who will wear the costume, and several feet wide, enough to cut out limbs and spare pieces.

Step Two - Cut out the body, arms, and legs. You can use an exacto knife or even scissors, but you'll probably need to hold the material down as you cut, or it will be too hard to cut through.

Step Three - Lay out the pieces so you know what goes where. You'll want two of each piece, a front and a back.

Step Four - Glue pieces together. Experts recommend a PVA glue like Weldbond, but with the disclaimer that PVAs need pressure to bond. You can use heavy objects to pressure the Styrofoam pieces while they dry, or you can go with a lighter glue that bonds without pressure.

Step Five - Let pieces dry.

Step Six - Paint them green. Use craft glue that is found at a craft or hobby store.

Step Seven - Add features such as mouth and googly eyes. You can use any kind of material for the eyes.

Tips & Warnings
Make sure your Gumby costume is properly ventilated. Design a hole for breathing and two holes for eyes. Also, make sure any fumes from the glue have dissipated before putting the costume on.

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