Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Classic Nick Wed. – Gigglesnort Hotel

***This week I’m taking a bit of a side road from Nickelodeon but this is show is most defiantly a classic!!!***

From 1975 to 1978 the hotel every child wanted to live in was Gigglesnort Hotel, which was owned by Old Man Gigglesnort who always referred to it as a ship. His first mate and hotel clerk was BJ (Bill Jackson) who juggled the everyday strange happenings at the Gigglesnort.

The program was set in at an old hotel and featured many of the characters from Jackson’s previous Chicago-based children's program, The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show such as Dirty Dragon, the Old Professor, Weird, Old Mother Plumtree but also included new characters such as Old Man Gigglesnort, who were created just for the program.

Each show was devoted to a "life lesson" such as learning about responsibility, fire safety, etc. Jackson would also display his considerable artistic talents, in particular during the segments where he would go find a lump of clay named "Blob" (who mostly made strange mumbling noises) and mold him into something.

The show was widely praised by critics, and became one of the highest rated children's shows in WLS-TV history. It was syndicated in 1978, airing in several markets nationwide as well as Canada, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

Jackson made a final appearance for a presentation for the Museum of Broadcast Communications, "Saturday Morning with B.J. and Dirty Dragon: Bill Jackson, Live in Person—One Last Time", in December 2009, saying this would be his last time appearing as a performer. In 1995, he donated all his original puppets to Chicago's Museum of Broadcast Communications.

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