Friday, January 25, 2013

Show Title Needed

Hey yall,

I have a new friend Sarah who needs some help remembering the name of a couple of shows and she’s pretty sure they came on Nickelodeon but even if they didn’t let’s see if we can help her out. Now I don’t remember these but I know all of you and I know that you always come though for me so here ya go, if you can help out leave me a comment and I’ll pass it along. Thank you in advance.

From Sarah – Show Descriptions
The first one was a cartoon short about a little drop of paint, and I believe his name was "blip" because that was the sound he made when he dropped. 

The second, was some sort of story time cartoon that started with a cartoon of a little old man and his cat, going into his house and sitting down in a chair to share a story, I believe it then led into another cartoon of whatever the story was.

By any chance to either of those ring a bell?  

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