Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Classic Nick Wed. – Hattytown Tales

Before Sid & Marty Krofft brought us Lidsville in 1971 Keith Chatfield created wrote and narrated the52-episode stop-motion children's television series Hattytown Tales in1969 and 1973. Produced by FilmFair for Thames Television and directed by Ivor Wood Hattytown Tales aired the United Kingdom before it was featured on Pinwheel.

The residents of Hattytown were anthropomorphic hats; the style of each hat indicated its ethnicity, attitude, and role in Hattytown society. For example, the constable, Bobby, resembles the hat of a constable; the town’s baker was a chef’s hat and so forth. The main character was a Mexican sombrero named Sancho who’s his best friend was a donkey named Carrots who wore a hate with a carrot dangling in front of his face.

The buildings in Hattytown were also hats and corresponded with each of the resident’s names, personalities and jobs.

Genre – Children's Television
Created By – Keith Chatfield
Written By – Keith Chatfield
Directed By – Ivor Wood
Country Of Origin – England
Language(s) – English
No. Of Episodes – 52

Running Time – 5 Minutes
Production Company(s) – Filmfair

Audio Format – Monaural
Original Airing – 1969

Keith Chatfield's Website

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