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Classic Nick Wed. – Details About CW’s Tomorrow People Pilot

Details Emerge About The CW’s Tomorrow People Pilot

Craig Byrne January 31, 2013

The CW is casting their new version of The Tomorrow People, from Executive Producers Julie Plec (Vampire Diaries) and Greg Berlanti (Arrow) with a script from Phil Klemmer (Chuck), and KSiteTV has learned some details about some of the characters and situations we might see if it should go to the series.

The pilot is currently casting several roles, and some of them have names that are familiar to the 1970′s British ITV series. Things could always change, and it’s quite possible some names and situations may change as well, but here are some of the characters we can [possibly] look forward to.

Stephen shares a name and a similar situation to the character Peter Vaughan-Clarke played in the original Tomorrow People. Also like the original show, Stephen first meets the others in the premiere, and at first thinks it was all a dream – until he uses some telekinesis of his own. He is told he inherited his “genetic mutation” from his dad, and he has a friend named Astrid that he goes to high school with. Astrid seems to be his Chloe Sullivan-Joey Potter type “best friend.” He’s actually being given meds for “paranoia” and those meds get him into a troubling situation. Stephen has a brother named Luca.

Nicholas Young played John in the original series, and there’s a John in this one, too. Although each of them possesses the “three T’s” – teleportation, telepathy, and telekinesis – teleportation is John’s specialty. Love triangles seem already set up as John is jealous of Cara’s chemistry with Stephen.

Cara (perhaps named after the original show’s “Carol”) speaks telepathically, particularly to Stephen. Has anyone called Laura Vandervoort for this yet? She’d be perfect, and she’s played a “Kara” before, so the names would be similar.

Russell is another of the Tomorrow People. He’s Cara’s brother and a “handsome bad boy.” It sounds like there are several Tomorrow People beyond those named, as well.

Jedikiah also shares a name with a character from the original series. (The first episode of the old show was actually called “The Slaves of Jedikiah.”) He knows Stephen’s family, and seems to lead a program called ULTRA that deals with folks like the Tomorrow People. He tries to convince Stephen that John and Cara aren’t being honest with them. In other words, he’s bad news.

As with the previous series, Tomorrow People are unable to kill.

The computer TIM still factors in to things, and the base of the “Tomorrow People” seems to be a subway station hundreds of feet below Manhattan. Hope they don’t run into any turtles down there… terms like “saps” (the original series’ name for people without powers) also come into play.

Although things could change, does this sound like something you’d watch? Leave some comments below!

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