Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Classic Nick Wed. – Dusty’s Treehouse

During the very early days of Nickelodeon there was a lovely children’s program called Dusty's Treehouse which starred Stuart Rosen as “Dusty” and featured the puppets of Tony Urbano.

Dusty lived in, yes you guessed it, a treehouse with his animal friends Maxine the crow, Scooter the squirrel, and Stanley the red-haired spider who wore sneakers. Each day the characters would learn about the world around them and at times Dusty would go on field trips to factories to see how products were made. In addition to the animal puppets shadow puppets were occasionally used to act out fairy tales.

Mr. Rosen was the creator and co-executive producer, and based it on a program he did in 1966-67 on KCET, then an NET station in Los Angeles. The show won eight Emmy Awards.

The show originated from KNXT (now KCBS-TV), the local CBS flagship TV station in Los Angeles where it ran from 1970-1980 and was briefly syndicated nationally (including on the rest of the CBS O&O stations), and then appeared in reruns on the children's cable TV channel Nickelodeon for four additional seasons.

Stuart M. Rosen (born 26 June 1939) is a voice director and voice actor. He is also a writer, he wrote and starred in the TV series Dusty's Treehouse. He has voice directed many cartoons and commercials for television and had live-action roles in Rome and The Huntress.

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