Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fan Meet Update

Hey y'all,

I'm just getting ready to take my computer to the shop (it'll be there for a week) but before I did that I wanted to give y'all an update on the fan meet।

Special Guest
First of all we will be having a special guest। His name is Marty Schiff, he played “Hern Burferd” on the Classic Nickelodeon program “Out Of Control” which also stared a then unknown Dave Coulier who later we got to know as “Joey Gladstone” on “Full House”.

Marty first contacted me after a friend of his logged on to the IMDb's “Out Of Control” message board. He also told me that he had talked to Dave about the fan meet but b/c this was rather short notice his schedual would not allow him to attend, this year. He also told me that if I give them a heads up about next year's fan meet that they would both try to be there! How cool is that?!

Nearest Airport
Someone contact me and asked me what is the nearest airport. My apologies for not including that information in the initial email. The closest airport we have is the Lawton - Ft. Sill Regional Airport in Lawton, Oklahoma ( http://www.flylawton.org/ ).

Altus is 45 minutes West of Altus। They do have car rentals there and we are easy to find from Lawton. In fact just ask anyone how to get here and they should be able to tell you. (IF they're from Lawton that is.

New DVDs
I am happy and excited to announce that I am in the process of getting some new DVDs for the fan meet

- “Today's Special” - All 122 episodes
- “Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings” - one DVD's worth (Not sure how many eps.)
- “Vegetable Soup” - 3-6 (more) episodes
“The Adventures of Black Beauty” - Season one DVD set
There are a few more I'm working on getting but I don't want to jynx it but IF I can get them they will be cool।

Fan Meet Dates
Several people have e-mailed me to let me know that they will be unable to attend this year's fan meet due to prior commitments। That is totally understandable however I would like to point out that when the idea for this first came up I stressed to everyone to let me know what dates would be good for them and I don't got three or four responses. And that was from THREE (3) different groups plus the MySpage page and group!

I don't want to be mean b/c I want everyone who would like to attend to be able too however I did asked everyone for dates and hardly anyone responded so I had to do the best I could। So that is why if you know of any better dates then PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

In fact I know that this first one hasn't even happened yet and I can already see several thing that need to be changed. Hopefully this will become a long standing tradition and one day we can have even more Classic Nickelodeon stars joining us. (I don't want to drop names but they're big.)

Registration Dates
I just wanted to remind everyone that the last day to call the hotel and book your room will be on July 17th। Make sure you tell them that you are with the CNFM and they will know to give you the group rate.

The hotel has set aside 25 rooms for us at the group rate of $62।00; however IF we get at least 20 rooms filled the price will be $49.99 - otherwise it's $62.00 so that right there should be enough for you to get the word out to real fans like yourself.

Here is the hotel information:
Best Western Altus
2804 N Main Street
Altus, Oklahoma


Reservations: 1-888-537-1087
Phone: 580-482-9300
Fax: 580-482-2245
Direct Line to the hotel itself: 1-580-482-9300। - Tell them you are with the CNFM so that you will get the group rate.

Registration Fee
Please remember that we will have a registration feel of $10.00 at the door
however this price may have to go up to $20 or $25 next year since I'm the one who has to pay for the banquet room and can't afford it but that's a whole other story।