Saturday, June 30, 2012

Show Title Needed

Hey guys,

Our Facebook friend Heather needs some help trying to figure out the names to a couple of Classic Nickelodeon Special Deliveries, here’s her post on our wall. Any help you can give her would be terrific. I know I wanted to say that they might be from The Third Eye, maybe Under the Mountain but I’m not sure, what do yall think?

Heather commented on Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery's Wall post.
"Both were most likely British in origin, although they might have been Australian. The first was about a little boy who's parents ran an inn in a small English village. He was telekinetic and would pop round to the home an old man. The man was helping him to cultivate these powers by playing chess where they moved the pieces with their minds. One day a famous movie star comes to the inn for a vacation. She goes into her room and requests solitude. The boy and his friend (sister, maybe) climb onto the roof to get a glimpse of her though the window. Upon seeing into the room they discover that she is really a mannequin! That is as far as my memory gets. Maybe this was a two-part mini-series and I only ever saw part one, although I do recall seeing this multiple times.

The second film I'm seeking was about a girl who was sent from London to live on a country manor estate, possibly to escape the Blitz. She was unhappy and surly toward the old man who was to care for her. The estate had a large lake with an arched bridge across one end. The old man had lost the woman he loved when she drowned in the lake. The film revolved around the redemption and forgiveness of the characters as they traveled through time by passing under the bridge in a boat. I have posted about these films in several other forums but haven't had any luck. Can anyone help?

These two films were probably produced in the late 1970's and were most likely made for television broadcast. To me, they were very spooky and had a similar feel to The Watcher in the Woods and Escape to Witch Mountain. Any help would be greatly appreciated."