Wednesday, November 23, 2011

C/N Thanksgiving Sightings

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Can you believe that next month is Christmas?! Where has the time gone?

So by the time you read this is will be Thanksgiving day and I’m SOOO very sorry that I’m only just now getting this out to you but I wanted to let you know of an upcoming Classic Nickelodeon (C/N) sighing that will be in the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on WGNA network.

In the past few years this parade has featured the costumed characters of Paddington Bear and Curious George as well as giant balloon characters of the same. Both of these were cartoons shown during Pinwheel, they were, as I call them, “Pinwheel Cartoons”.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to our November members, thank you for being part of our group.

11-20-07 – sky2slayer

11-28-07 – Jerianne (jerbeargig)

11-5-08 - mby_11729

11-13-09 – baarbear

11-13-09 – emily_bronte2002

11-26-10 - sladestary