Friday, February 25, 2011

Mike Holoway Interview

For those of you who are fans of the original series The Tomorrow People and remember actor Mike Holoway who played Mike Bell Andy Potter from BBC Local Radio conducted an interview with him but if you want to hear it you need to heard because the link is only good for five more days from today (Friday, February 25, 2011)!!!

Thank you to Jackie and Sue for the information about this interview.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jeff Hyslop "Likes" My Logo Pic!

The other night while I was roaming around F/B I had a notice for Jeff Hyslop (Jeff from Today’s Special). Since I had never gotten a notice from his page before I thought that perhaps he had approved my friend request. Sadly that was not the cast but when I looked at his “Activities and Interests” in the “Other” category I saw a link to the New Years Nickelodeon Logo I created!!! I guess you can go to Photobucket and “like” pictures on there but I thought that was pretty darn cool that he liked the picture that I created!!! (Which I’m inclosing.)

Here is how it was listed on his page.

Jeff Hyslop - Activities and Interests - Other - New_Years_Logo-2.jpg image by Jellicle_Ice_Kat on Photobucket!/profile.php?id=520021065

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Anniversaries

Hey yall,

I’m so sorry that I spaced out and forgot to post the February Anniversaries. Anyway Happy 1st Year Anniversary to the following members, it’s been an awesome year, thank you for joining!

2-9-10 - hamsterdrum85

2-10-10 -

2-12-10 - kimberly_1798

2-12-10 - tmc_6882part2

2-13-10 - cmpb301

2-13-10 - kookooboy750

2-13-10 - kentb3us

2-13-10 - jeffl1965

2-14-10 - kidsnextdoorgirl

2-14-10 - wilson1123998789

2-15-10 - chadmboots

2-16-10 - ian16545

2-18-10 - patman9102004

2-20-10 - arcamonix

2-22-10 - classictvman1981

2-28-10 - dajonixon