Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

I’m sorry that this is a day late but I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and or Happy Holidays / Seasons Greetings.

I would also like to announce that we now have an OFFICIAL website for our Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet. This is still a new website and I still have a lot to fill in but this will be a very good starting place for anyone who is interested in remembering our Classic Nick and is interested in joining with us to remember these wonderful classics. If you can think of anything I need to add please let me know. Thank you.

Official Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet Website -

Sunday, November 29, 2009

At Walmart

I love it when I get to bring yall updates on new Classic Nick stuff and this one is very exciting for me, especially when my, or rather my Mom’s, discovery was so unexpected.

Okay so ya know you’re bored and you’re walking through Walmart with nothing to do, you’re just kinda killin’ time and looking at everything just to have something to do. And one of the things you like to do is kinda walk by the $5 movie bin, or in this case the 4-way, and casually look through the movies, not really expecting to find anything of any great impertinence, when low and behold you find a jewel in the mist of stupid movies. Well that’s what happened to Mamma and me a couple of weeks ago.

My Mom and I were over by the $5 movie display and I wasn’t looking through them b/c I figured why bother right? It’s the same movies they always have. Then all of the sudden my Mom picks up a DVD and says, “Isn’t this that cartoon of the snowman that you like?”, and she handed it to me.

I took one look at it and almost screamed my head off. She handed me the DVD version of Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman” from 1982!!!!!!!!!!

Alright so the next question you’re going to ask is, “Why should we, the Classic Nickelodeon community care about this?” I’ll tell you why. This classic cartoon was showed on Nickelodeon as one of their Special Delivery movies!!!

This is a true holiday classic with the most beautiful animation I think I’ve ever seen in any movie and the musical score is just as lovely. And I think we all remember the beautiful “Walking In The Air” that was sung as the snowman and the little boy fly through the night sky.

If you’re looking for a true holiday classic, which also just happens to be a Classic Nickelodeon Special Delivery as well, then pick up a copy of Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman” on DVD and fall in love with your childhood all over again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I’m sorry that this is so late but I get caught up in things and forget to post stuff sometimes so please forgive me. I hope you enjoy it.

I’d like to share with you a Halloween Special Delivery called “Marc Summers' Mystery Magical Special” from 1986 but it continued air, often multiple times, every October for several years afterward.

Summery from Wikipedia
Summers' character and three young children (friends of his, all of whom seem to play themselves) arrive at a mysterious mansion after they get a flat tire. Within, they find, among other things, heads falling from the ceiling, Burton performing card tricks, and even a bizarre demon-like villain character who engages in a prolonged swordfight with Burton. At the end of this fight, Burton performs another display of his talents, wherein he reveals that the demon character never existed, and that the entire ordeal was, in his words, "just a trick". Afterward, the characters leave the mansion, where they meet another lost traveler, Stan Allen, magician, looking for a phone (he had run out of gas), whom they wryly tell to "help [himself]".

Marc Summers' Mystery Magical Special part 1

Marc Summers' Mystery Magical Special part 2

Marc Summers' Mystery Magical Special part 3

Monday, September 14, 2009

Does anyone even care???

I need to post on the message boards about our fan meet next year but for some reason I’m freezing up on the invitation. Why can’t it just be simple the way it was when I wrote the first one? Why is this one so intimidating? Why? I’ll tell you why.

Up to now I’ve been posting all over the internet about our big fan meet, you know, the first one what had to be postponed until next fall. I posted messages to all of my Classic Nickelodeon Yahoo groups, then sent over forty (40) personal emails to all of my members, all over my MySpace pages (I have four (4)), on my website (which I STILL need to get moved before October when bloody Yahell closes all of their GeoCities websites – I hate them!!!), and all over the IMDb message boards – which was over 40. All of that and I still got only a handful of people who responded.

But now I’m going up against Facebook; the place where everyone who has forgotten about MySpace and 360 now gathers. IDK maybe I’m scared b/c I think if too many people come to this I won’t be able to control the crowd as well as if it were just a small group.

As much and as badly as I want these fan meets to grow I think I’m just flat out scared that I won’t be able to micro-manage every single aspect of them and that they will turn out to be a disaster. But the thing is I DO have to micro-manage them b/c as of right now about the only one who remembers these shows well enough to answer questions that others may have about them – up to a point that is – I’m the one who put together, just about single handedly, the Yahoo group b/c Scott was of no help to me at all. I mean yes we did start it together and he is really good at coming up with ideas but I’m the one who went in and filled out the information for everyone and who set up all the folders and created the welcome letter for the new members. I’m the one who put together the MySpace page and group and this blog as well. (I didn’t set up the Facebook page or group, that was Robert but he made me an administrator.)

Okay so it sounds like I’m being a glory hog and I’m just so self centered that all of this has to be about me but ya know what? I’m really working hard for this and I honestly feel like I’m all along! I don’t have a team of people helping me the way Jackie did. I have me. Yes Tammy and Mamma want to help and the day of the meet they will but up until then it’s kind of my project.

Not that I mind, I don’t, I have no life so this is all I have. I feel like I’m really working towards something ya know? Like I’m doing something important. Like “I’m shouting in my sleep,” as the song says. All of these amazing shows and sometimes I feel like I’m the ONLY one who remembers them, and not even all of them that are on my list but still. Then I read all the message boards and petitions begging Nickelodeon to give us a Classic Nick channel and wonder where those people are when I’m knocking myself out to put together this fan meet.

And honestly I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with it. I’ve never been to anything like this so how am I supposed to know what to do? (Although one thing I have learned is that I need to actually sell tickets to it before hand that way if they say they’re coming then I know that they are.) *NOTE* Those who had to back out of the meet we were supposed to have this last July/August could not help it. They had honest reasons for not being able to come and I am not upset with them in any way shape for form. Sometimes things just happen.

Anyway…IDK, maybe I am just rambling but I know in my gut that people want to remember these shows but maybe they don’t all realize that they are from the old days, that all of those wonderful shows they are remembering are actually from Nickelodeon. So the question is, how can I help them realize that? At this point I have no clue so I’ll just keep on working on the ideas I have and looking for new videos/DVDs to add to my collection which as grown by leeps and bounds!

I now have: “Marc Summers’ Magical Mystery Special”, “Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure” and I’m waiting for two DVDs of “Turkey Television”!!! I’m really excited to have them even though I don’t remember the Marc Summers’ special at all.

So now the next few things I need to look for and want so desperately to find are: “Kids’ Writes”, “Livewire” – with The Pink Ladies, Jackie Torrance – Storyteller and June Foray and also The Kids From Fame, “Spread Your Wings” – the episodes about a Spanish family and the guitar – also the one about the Russian girl and the one about the shadow puppets – I also seem to recall one about paper umbrellas… and “Double Dare” the original with Marc Summers not the family or super or any of the various versions which are out there.

Well I guess that’s it for now, I just needed to get my feelings out and try and clear my head. I need to go to bed and soon, I’m really tired.

Good night everyone…anyone…is anyone actually reading this? Doe anyone even care? Please let me know if you are, and Tammy you don’t count b/c I know you, like Julie knew her mother – in the movie.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nick Rewind DVDs

Nick RewindFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nick Rewind was originally a collection of DVDs and merchandise of older Nickelodeon shows such as Clarissa Explains It All, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and You Can't Do That on Television. The collection was launched in 2005, but is was on hold for an indefinite period of time until 2008. It is also currently a series of iTunes collections composed of old Nicktoons. There was also a Nick Rewind block of programming on Sundays during the Summer of 2006.

Nick Rewind DVDs
Nick Rewind is a collection of DVDs of older Nickelodeon television shows. The first two DVDs in this collection were released on May 17, 2005: Clarissa Explains It All[1] and The Adventures of Pete and Pete.[2] These DVDs sold so well that Nickelodeon then released Season 2 of Pete and Pete in November 2005. [3] The third season of Pete and Pete, as well as Volume One of "You Can't Do That on Television", were set for release in the spring of 2006, but after several postponements, the releases are currently on hiatus.[4] In 2008, Nickelodeon created a deal with to sell exclusive DVD sets which included three shows under the Nick Rewind name (Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, and Hey Arnold!).

Nick Rewind was also a brand of merchandise and clothing relating to older Nickelodeon shows, and was sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores. This collection included items from such shows as Salute Your Shorts, Double Dare, Hey Dude, Rocko's Modern Life, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains It All, and You Can't Do That on Television. They still sell them occasionally.[5] [6]

Nick Rewind on television
Nick Rewind was an hour long block on Nickelodeon that aired from 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT every Sunday in the summer of 2006. It featured such shows as The Wild Thornberrys, Rocko's Modern Life, Rocket Power, and The Ren & Stimpy Show. It also featured old Nickelodeon bumpers and station ads.

Future of Nick Rewind
While Nickelodeon had announced plans to release You Can't Do That on Television and Season 3 of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Nickelodeon's parent company, Viacom, was in the process of splitting with CBS. Also, Nickelodeon's president, Herb Scannell, had stepped down. It is believed that this may be the reason why these titles and any others relating to Nick Rewind have been pulled.[6] It has also been reported that the clearances for You Can't Do That on Television were too complicated for a DVD release as of yet, since it not only involves the numerous cast members who appeared on the show, but also involves the show's owner, CJOH-TV in Ottawa, Ontario. [6] The TV block has stopped airing on Sundays. A Nick Rewind channel was in the works, but they didn't have the budget for it so they called it off. They had it all planned out before going with the Noggin/The-N split. So far, the future of Rewind is unclear.

^ David Lambert (2005). "Nick launches 'Rewind Collection' with 1st Season of Clarissa". Retrieved December 16 2006.

^ David Lambert (2005). "Nick's 'Rewind Collection' continues with Pete & Pete". Retrieved December 16 2006.

^ David Lambert (2005). "More 'Rewind Collection' fun with 2nd Season of Pete & Pete". Retrieved December 16 2006.

^ David Lambert (2005). "The Boys are Back for Season 3". Retrieved December 16 2006.

^ "Hot Topic - Search Results for Nickelodeon". Retrieved December 16 2006.

^ a b c David Lambert (2006). "Maybe You Can't Do That on least not yet". Retrieved December 16 2006.

Monday, August 17, 2009

While looking up information on Nickelodeon's non publicised 30th anniversary I came across this article and I'm including the pictures.

I find it very intresteing that the word "Nickelodeon" is written in a simular font that they used 30 years ago on their viewer's guides (picture included.) The other pictures included are the one's from the article. So let's talk about this, what do yall think about their logos?

Slime-Free Logo Changes

Nickelodeon Cleans Up Its Branding for 30th Anniversary

It looks like Nickelodeon’s new logo for its 30th anniversary is an attempt to clean up its image. But is such noticeable rebranding necessary?

The first image of the gallery shows the Nickelodeon logo on signage for the Animation Festival 2009. Its lower case typeface and slightly stylized ‘i’ is a far cry from the splat we’ve grown to love over the past 25 years.

Is Nickelodeon’s logo change necessary?


Friday, July 24, 2009

YCDTOT Star Less Lye Dead at 84

YCDTOT Star Less Lye Dies at 84
'You Can't Do That on Television' Star Dies


Canadian actor Les Lye, known to millions of North Americans in their 20's and 30's as the omnipresent adult on 'You Can't Do That on Television,' has died at 84। According to his CTV obituary, the veteran comic passed away on Tuesday. The cause is unknown.

Recent Losses in TV LandYouTube20 photos Les Lye, July 21: You know him as the foil to all those silly kids on 'You Can't Do That on Television' during the show's heyday। Lye died at age 84।

The Ottawa native was enjoying a successful career in radio when in 1979 he joined the then-local kid's variety show, where he played an assortment of adult roles opposite a cast of kids (including Alanis Morissette)। One of his most repeated characters was Barth, the gross proprietor of Barth's Burgery.

When 'YCDTOTV' moved over to Nickelodeon in the early 1980's, Lye became a household name। That is, if your home included children.

Lye appeared in every episode of every season he was in the cast, up until leaving the show in 1990। The show may be best known for it's signature sliming whenever someone said "I Don't Know."

Besides Barth, other memorable characters created by Lye were:
-- Ross Ewich, a studio director whose name rhymes with "raw sewage."
-- El Capitano, a firing squad captain hired to shoot the kids, but instead ends up getting shot.
-- Snake Eyes, a horrible bus driver.
-- Senator Lance Prevert, a drunken politician.
With fellow comic Bill Luxton, Lye co-created the comedy duo Uncle Will and Floyd, which appeared on Canadian TV for more than 20 years।

Lye is survived by his wife Johnni and three children।

2009 AOL LLC. All Rights Reserved.
2009-07-24 09:07:१४

Monday, July 20, 2009

Official Cancellation

Before I go on with this I'd like to ask your forgiveness। I told you that I “would let you know Monday”, but what I ment was LAST Monday। I've been working on something for my aunt and I hadn't had a chance to properly post this।

Yes, the fan meet is officially canceled. When I called the hotel to see how many, if any, rooms had been reserved and the answer was no, none had been. (Not counting the one which had to be canceled of course.)

I know that this is a disappointment for all of us but I honestly did not have a choice। I also know that there were several of you who wanted to come but for one reason or another were unable too and for those of you who were, *giant huggs* thank you. Maybe now we'll be able to plan this again and see what happens next year, and I have a feeling that things will be very different.

This is kind of a bittersweet post b/c on the one hand I'm telling you that the fan meet is canceled but on the other I'm telling you that I was on Facebook and just for the heck of it started typing in the names of several of the Classic Nickelodeon programs and I about fell out of my chair!
(List of programs -हटमल )

The first one I started with was “You Can't Do That On Television” and I found like four pages!!! I also found “Turkey Television”, “Today's Special”, “Pinwheel” and even one for “Dusty's Treehouse”!!!!!!!!!! There was even a page for “The Adventures of Black Beauty”! And I'm not done yet, I'm going to keep looking up shows and I'm going to join as many of those groups as I can and post my idea about the fan meet to them and see what happens। I've even went as far as printing my own tickets for it so that I can send different color tickets to different groups. (Or does that sound too cheep and stupid?)

I'm also going to email Marty (Schiff) and see when his and Dave's (Coulier) schedule looks like for next fall and more than likely I will use their schedules to plan when the fan meet will be held next year। Plus I'm going to email one other person and see what he says, which will hopefully be a resounding yes।

Well that's it's it, I'm sorry that I build up your hopes and then dashed them :( please forgive me. Hopefully I will be able to make this up to you next year so keep your fall schedules open and help me pray that we get a decent turn out!

I love you all,
Peggy Sue

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Possible Cancellation

Possible Cancellation
In the last week or so I've had two emails from my friends telling me that things have come up and that they are unable to attend this fan meet। Another one or two have told me already that they will be unable to attend due to the fact that they have prior commitments so I'm going to call the hotel on Monday and see if anyone else has registered, if not then I'm going to officially cancel this fan meet.

I'm not mad or upset with any of you, honestly I love you all so much you just have no idea, but I'm not going to lie to you, I feel as if a part of me has just died... And I know we only started talking about his in like what February, but I've really worked hard on this and now...well, I just don't see what else I can do b/c at this point will only be Jon, Mary Schiff and myself and what kind of fan meet would that be?

Thank you all for everything I hope we'll be able to do this right next year and we will all finally be able to meet। Well, I guess that will just give me more time to plan and save for next year..........

I'll let you know my final decision on Monday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fan Meet Update

Hey y'all,

I'm just getting ready to take my computer to the shop (it'll be there for a week) but before I did that I wanted to give y'all an update on the fan meet।

Special Guest
First of all we will be having a special guest। His name is Marty Schiff, he played “Hern Burferd” on the Classic Nickelodeon program “Out Of Control” which also stared a then unknown Dave Coulier who later we got to know as “Joey Gladstone” on “Full House”.

Marty first contacted me after a friend of his logged on to the IMDb's “Out Of Control” message board. He also told me that he had talked to Dave about the fan meet but b/c this was rather short notice his schedual would not allow him to attend, this year. He also told me that if I give them a heads up about next year's fan meet that they would both try to be there! How cool is that?!

Nearest Airport
Someone contact me and asked me what is the nearest airport. My apologies for not including that information in the initial email. The closest airport we have is the Lawton - Ft. Sill Regional Airport in Lawton, Oklahoma ( ).

Altus is 45 minutes West of Altus। They do have car rentals there and we are easy to find from Lawton. In fact just ask anyone how to get here and they should be able to tell you. (IF they're from Lawton that is.

New DVDs
I am happy and excited to announce that I am in the process of getting some new DVDs for the fan meet

- “Today's Special” - All 122 episodes
- “Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings” - one DVD's worth (Not sure how many eps.)
- “Vegetable Soup” - 3-6 (more) episodes
“The Adventures of Black Beauty” - Season one DVD set
There are a few more I'm working on getting but I don't want to jynx it but IF I can get them they will be cool।

Fan Meet Dates
Several people have e-mailed me to let me know that they will be unable to attend this year's fan meet due to prior commitments। That is totally understandable however I would like to point out that when the idea for this first came up I stressed to everyone to let me know what dates would be good for them and I don't got three or four responses. And that was from THREE (3) different groups plus the MySpage page and group!

I don't want to be mean b/c I want everyone who would like to attend to be able too however I did asked everyone for dates and hardly anyone responded so I had to do the best I could। So that is why if you know of any better dates then PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

In fact I know that this first one hasn't even happened yet and I can already see several thing that need to be changed. Hopefully this will become a long standing tradition and one day we can have even more Classic Nickelodeon stars joining us. (I don't want to drop names but they're big.)

Registration Dates
I just wanted to remind everyone that the last day to call the hotel and book your room will be on July 17th। Make sure you tell them that you are with the CNFM and they will know to give you the group rate.

The hotel has set aside 25 rooms for us at the group rate of $62।00; however IF we get at least 20 rooms filled the price will be $49.99 - otherwise it's $62.00 so that right there should be enough for you to get the word out to real fans like yourself.

Here is the hotel information:
Best Western Altus
2804 N Main Street
Altus, Oklahoma

Reservations: 1-888-537-1087
Phone: 580-482-9300
Fax: 580-482-2245
Direct Line to the hotel itself: 1-580-482-9300। - Tell them you are with the CNFM so that you will get the group rate.

Registration Fee
Please remember that we will have a registration feel of $10.00 at the door
however this price may have to go up to $20 or $25 next year since I'm the one who has to pay for the banquet room and can't afford it but that's a whole other story।

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Adventures of Black Beauty Now on DVD

The Adventures of Black Beauty - The Classic ’70s UK Program is Coming to DVD thru Image Entertainment

All 26 first-season episodes are coming on this early May release
Posted by David Lambert2/04/2009

This heartwarming, classic tale of a family and their beloved horse is brought to life in this popular TV series, a benchmark in children’s television. Featuring a top-notch cast (Judi Bowker, William Lucas, Michael Culver), this show has entranced viewers around the world with its mix of charm, period detail and weekly perils. Includes the entire 26 exciting episodes of Season 1.

The 1972 British show The Adventures of Black Beauty, which was broadcast on ITV for two seasons, was a continuation of the story in Anna Sewell’s classic book. It ran for two seasons (or series, as they say in the U.K.), each with 26 episodes.

The first season starred Judi Bowker, who went on to play "Andromeda" in the classic 1981 film Clash of the Titans. Other stars include William Lucas (who appeared in a 1984 Doctor Who arc) and Michael Culver (best remembered as "Captain Needa" in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back).

Image Entertainment will release The Adventures of Black Beauty - Season 1 on May 5th. It will be a 3-disc set running 590 minutes for $24.98 SRP. Video is full frame, and audio is English mono. Above is the cover art for the new DVDs.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey y'all, I wold like to invite you to the First Annual Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet!!! [classic = 1979 – 1987 – this will not be a “90's” fan meet]

Dates are: July 31 - Aug 2, 2009.

The last day to register will be July 17th, tell them that you are with CNFM and they *should* know to give you the group rate. If not ask for Christine Solis and she will know what you're talking about. (Just in case.)

Reservations: 1-888-537-1087
Direct Line to the hotel itself: 1-580-482-9300.

Registration Fee: $10.00 at the door.

This is the perfect place/hotel for the fan meet. The lady I spoke to was Christina Solis who is the Director of Sales for two hotels here in town. Our meet will be held at the Best Western Altus. In fact she was so impressed with me and so excited for us and our fan meet that joined my Classic Nickelodeon group [ ] while I was on the phone with her!!!

She basically told me that she and her staff would do anything and everything they could for us to insure that we have an amazing weekend! I don't even know this lady yet but I already love her like a sister and she is going to try and come and join us b/c she herself is a fan of Classic Nickelodeon. How cool is that?!

Y'all I am so excited I'm about to come out of my skin and I want y'all to be excited too b/c I know this will be a really fun time for us. Get excited you guys, it's Nickelodeon's 30th anniversary and this, to my knowledge, is the first Classic Nickelodeon fan meet ever!!!
Think about you guys, we're the first, we're going to make history and we are going to let Nickelodeon know that just b/c they have forgotten about us doesn't mean that we have forgotten about them, and we are definitely going to let them know that!!!

Alright so here's the skinny on the rooms, the prices and what we will have access too and I need to let y'all know now that I do not have the money to pay for the full price of the banquet room so the more people we have coming then we can divide up the cost evenly amongst ourselves.

Best Western Altus
2804 N Main Street
Altus, Oklahoma

Phone: 580-482-9300
Fax: 580-482-2245

Toll Free Reservations: 1-888-537-1087 - Tell them you are with the CNFM so that you will get the group rate.

What we have:
25 rooms reserved – group rate - $62.00
IF we get at least 20 rooms filled the price will be $49.99 - otherwise it's $62.00
one of the banquet rooms – two days for 1/2 price - $150 (instead of $300)
the use of TV/VCR/DVD player, a podium, tables, chairs, microwave and free advertising – She said that she would advertise the fan meet on the marque for us!

More information on the hotel itself:
Hotel Amenities:
24-hour front desk, Cocktail lounge - Candlelit Cocktail Lounge open daily 5pm, Indoor pool - heated, Complimentary continental breakfast – hot, Outdoor pool, Steam room - Sauna, Safe deposit box for guests, Free parking, Meeting facilities, Banquet facilities, Fax services, Photocopy services, Hot tub, Laundromat, Air-conditioning, Ice/vending machines - here are four ice machines located near guest rooms., High-speed wireless Internet access, Exercise facility Open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Spacious, climate controlled room with Water Station and Color TV

Guest Room Amenities
Cable satellite television -with HBO®, Free local calls under 30 minutes and 800-number calls, Hairdryer, Iron, ironing board, Dataports, Refrigerator, mini, Microwave, Coffee maker, In-room movies -Pay-per-view, AM/FM alarm clock, Pay-per-play Nintendo®, Cordless phone only available in certain rooms, Waterpick, shower / massage only available in certain rooms, Desk/work area, High-speed Internet access, Voice mail, Air-conditioning, Wake-up calls, Easy chair available

In case you've forgotten when shows we're talking about, or just plain wondering, here is a list of them, I hope this brings back some wonderful memories and I hope to see you there. Also if you have any questions please feel free to email me,

*NOTE* - I have never attended or put together an event like this before so if you have any advice PLEASE email me and let me know. And please remember that if it's not “perfect” we have all the time in the world to start planning for NEXT YEAR'S event! Thanks!!!

The Adventures of Black Beauty, Adventures in Rainbow Country, Against the Odds, Belle and Sebastian, Danger Mouse, Double Dare, Dusty's Treehouse, Going Great, Go To the Arts, Kids' Writes, Kids in Performance, (The Adventures of) The Little Prince, Livewire, Matt & Jenny (On The Wilderness Trail), Mr. Wizard's World, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Nick Rocks Video to Go, Nick's Family Picks, Out Of Control


Alfie Atkins, Bagpuss, Bod, Bolek & Lolek a.k.a. Jim & Jam, Bugs, Bunny in the Suitcase, Charlie's Climbing Tree, Chapi and Chapo, Curious George, Emily, Flower Stories, Gumby, Hattytown Tales, King Rollo, Lilliputput, Madeline, Magic Coco, The Magic Roundabout (aka Doogal), Mixometric, Mole, Musti, Paddington Bear, Picture Pages, The Pilis, Professor Balthazar, Poolie and Peelie, Schnoodle, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, Teeny Little Super Guy, Tip and Tap

Reggie Jackson's World of Sports, Science International aka What Will They Think of Next?, Studio See

Adam & The Ants: The Prince Charming Revue, Adventures of Dinosaur Badlands, Alex and the Wonderful “Doo Wah” Lamp, The Amazing Mr. Blunden, Americanization of Elias, Beware, Beware My Beauty Fair, Big Apple Birthday, BMX World Championships, Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure, Children's Island, Christian the Lion, Circustown (Documentary), Clarence & The Ottaway, Clever Jack, The Darts: In Concert, David Johansen: In Concert, Duran Duran: In Concert, Foghat: In Concert, The Get Along Gang, Grandma Did Not Wave Back, Grandpa Doc, Gulliver's Travels, Haircut 100, His Majesty The Scarecrow of Oz, I’ll Find A Way, Introducing Janet, Let The Balloon Go, Little Men, Nikkolina, One of a Kind, The Police: Synchronicity Concert, Raggedy Ann & Andy, The Ransom of Red Chief, Robinson Crusoe, Silver City, The Snowman, The Stowaway, Tuck Everlasting, The Velveteen Rabbit, Water Babies, We Are All One People, Where’s Willie, Wild Rides, Witches of Grinnygog, The World According to Nicholas

Spread Your Wings, Standby... Lights! Camera! Action!, Today's Special

THE THIRD EYE The Haunting of Cassie Palmer, Under The Mountain, Children Of The Stones, Into the Labyrinth

The Tomorrow People, Turkey Television, You Can't Do That On Television, Vegetable Soup I & II, Vic's Vacant Lot

MY HAVE LIST (to watch at the fan meet):
The Adventures of Black Beauty – DVD (out May 5th)

Kids' Writes – 2 episodes on cassette tape

Pinwheel – DVD – about 6 hours-

Curious George DVD from the 80's
Doogal (the movie) aka The Magic Roundabout

Adam & The Ants: The Prince Charming Revue – VHS
Alex and the Wonderful “Doo Wah” Lamp – VHS

The Amazing Mr. Blunden – VHS
[Beware, Beware My Beauty Fair – inquiring about ordering]

Big Apple Birthday – VHS

Clever Jack – VHS

Silver City – songs on cassette tape
The Snowman – VHS The Stowaway – VHS

Tuck Everlasting – VHS

Water Babies – VHS & DVD (currently on DVD)

Wild Rides – VHS
Today's Special – VHS – 2 episodes

THE THIRD EYE – all 4 on DVD

The Haunting of Cassie Palmer
Under The Mountain
Children Of The Stones (currently on DVD)
Into the Labyrinth

The Tomorrow People – VHS (currently on DVD)

You Can't Do That On Television – DVD – all 12 seasons

Vegetable Soup – 3 episodes - DVD