My Classic Nick Collection

When people hear that I have a very extensive Classic Nickelodeon Collection they always ask me what I have, how I got them all and do I sell any of my copies.

How Did I Acquire My Collection?
Some of these are out on “proper DVD” so those were easy to find. Several of them I purchased from private collectors and a few of them I found on eBay.

Do I, Or Will I, Sell Copies Of My Collection?
The simple answer to this is no, I will not, and I cannot. I’m not capable of reproducing anything and even when I was I didn’t. I’m sorry if that sounds rude.

What Shows Do I Have? Here’s the List.

The Adventures of Black Beauty
Both of the original seasons and the first season of the New Adventures of Black Beauty.

The Adventures of the Little Prince – A movie that came out a few years ago.
Curious George – A couple of new movies.
Double Dare – About a dozen episodes.
Kids' Writes – Six episodes.
Marc Summers’ Mystery Magical Special
Out Of Control – A few episodes.
Pinwheel  - A few hours.

o   Chapi Chapo - About a dozen episodes. 
o   Curious George - An '80's stop motion DVD. 
o   Gumby - A few episodes on a disk three other cartoons. 
o   Paddington Bear - All of the original stop motion episodes plus both of the new movies. 
o   Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings - The first season. 

ü  Alex and the Wonderful “Doo Wah” Lamp – VHS
ü  Amazing Mr. Blunden, The – VHS
ü  Big Apple Birthday – VHS
ü  Kids’ Writes I, II – Six episodes.
ü  Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
ü  The Snowman
ü  The Stowaway – VHS
ü  Tuck Everlasting – VHS
ü  Water Babies
ü  Wild Rides – VHS

Spread Your Wings – Going to acquire all 26 episodes in the future.
Standby...Lights! Camera! Action! – A DVD with several clips on it.

THE THIRD EYE – All of them.
v Children of The Stones
v Haunting of Cassie Palmer, The
v Into the Labyrinth
v Under the Mountain

Today's Special – All seven seasons.
The Tomorrow People – All eight seasons.
Turkey Television – About three or four episodes.
Vegetable Soup – About a dozen.
You Can't Do That On Television – All ten seasons from 1979 – 1990.


  1. Gimme! I want! :D

    Cassie Palmer is one that I never truly saw but wish I had. I have "Into the Labyrinth" on DVD, as well as "The Water Babies." They need to release YCDTOTV to DVD, as I'm sure that would be a big seller. The Tomorrow People is also available on DVD, thankfully. Such memories.

  2. Hi Wolfie, I have the Water Babies and The Tomorrow People on DVD as well, don't even remember Labyrinth but I have that as well. I just checked YouTube and all six episodes of Cassie Palmer are there. I know it's not the same as DVD but at least you'll be able to watch it.

    1. "Into the Labyrinth" had these three kids (two were brother and sister) that wandered into a cave and came upon this nearly immortal guy that had lost possession of something called the Nidas, and recruited the three kids to walk inside of a labyrinth (that was rather short) and sent them back in time, where they would travel from one time period to another to try to recover his lost item.

      Do you have or have you ever seen the Bad News Bears TV series? Several years ago it became available on DVD but only a German edition of the DVD set (had German and English audio, and the credits were in German as well). I got that set and loved it. Recently discovered that a couple of years ago, another set was released... in the U.S. with English credits and the correct intro (where baseball cards were used for the credits). Don't you know I swiped that thing up real quick. Visual is much better quality as well.

      Many of the shows they aired were never released to DVD, which is disappointing because I have no doubt that many of them would do quite well in sales. YCDTOTV, Cassie Palmer, and "Lights! Camera! Action!" for example. Even though the Nimoy series is outdated at this point, it's still informative as to how things at least used to be done, and provides info on the background of how some of the movies were made, which is useful trivia information for those curious.

      The new Tomorrow People (90's) tried too hard to be different and new that it was a bit lame, IMO, and the US version had entirely too much drama and complex plots and subplots that it's no wonder it got canceled. If they had kept it simple like the original series was, I believe it would have survived several seasons, perhaps nearing it's end about now (7 years later). But like with everything else, have to try to over complicate everything to the point of taking the fun out of it.

    2. I have seen Labyrinth, I own it on DVD as well, I just don’t remember watching it when it aired on The Third Eye that’s all.

      No, I never watching The Bad News Bears television series.

      I totally agree with you about the lack of early ‘80’s programs being available on DVD and how they are missing a huge market. Generation X may be small in numbers but we are at the age were we have disposable income and would happily pay for reasonably prices nostalgia from out younger years but sadly the executives at Nickelodeon have chosen to ignore the generation who built their company for them and have decided to focus directly on the ‘90’s kids; And while I’m happy for them I feel that we are definitely getting the short end of the stick!

      I could never get into that ‘90’s version of The Tomorrow People, I mean, I can see that they tired I just didn’t like it. The same goes for that horrible CW series, they completely ruined it!!! They took away all the morals and values of the show, and not to mention the aliens, and replaced it with “teenage” drama, no morals at all, too much violence and a shadow government! It was just a nightmare. But I’ll tell you what was good, you ever listen to any of The Tomorrow People Audio Drama’s from Big Finish? Now they were worth every penny and then some! Nick Young reprised his role as “John,” they added two new TPs and even brought back some of the original cast including “Carol”! They were awesome but they lost their license b/c CW had bought it and ruined it. If you can find them on eBay I would highly recommend them.

    3. I remember the first episode of TP that I saw on Nick. It was the second part of the second episode of the first series (S1E2P2, Medusa Strain, Part 2). I mostly remember when Carol was tossed into the vacuum chamber to be killed. I was a young kid when I first saw it but I was thinking, "She's cute!" and started watching it from that point on. The rest of it kept my interest because heck, who wouldn't fantasize about being able to teleport from one place to another or be able to do other amazing things?

      I get what you mean about the 90's and CW versions. They left out certain important aspects, mostly Tim. Tim was an important part of the series, as he helped to provide some guidance, be it moral or deductive thinking, so they all had a way of staying true to who they were.

      Never heard any of the audio versions of the series. I seem to have a vague memory of knowing about it, but never checked it out. I might have to look it up.

      You should look up the BNB TV series. It was a sitcom based on the movies of the time, and I saw it when Nick aired the series several years down the road. You might be able to find an episode or parts of an episode on YouTube, or elsewhere if you know where to look.

    4. I know exactly what you mean, I was in love with Stephen lol, and now, all these years later I'm friends with him on F/B!

    5. Hey! No fair, I'm not friends with Sammie Winmill!!! 😠 LOL