Monday, September 14, 2009

Does anyone even care???

I need to post on the message boards about our fan meet next year but for some reason I’m freezing up on the invitation. Why can’t it just be simple the way it was when I wrote the first one? Why is this one so intimidating? Why? I’ll tell you why.

Up to now I’ve been posting all over the internet about our big fan meet, you know, the first one what had to be postponed until next fall. I posted messages to all of my Classic Nickelodeon Yahoo groups, then sent over forty (40) personal emails to all of my members, all over my MySpace pages (I have four (4)), on my website (which I STILL need to get moved before October when bloody Yahell closes all of their GeoCities websites – I hate them!!!), and all over the IMDb message boards – which was over 40. All of that and I still got only a handful of people who responded.

But now I’m going up against Facebook; the place where everyone who has forgotten about MySpace and 360 now gathers. IDK maybe I’m scared b/c I think if too many people come to this I won’t be able to control the crowd as well as if it were just a small group.

As much and as badly as I want these fan meets to grow I think I’m just flat out scared that I won’t be able to micro-manage every single aspect of them and that they will turn out to be a disaster. But the thing is I DO have to micro-manage them b/c as of right now about the only one who remembers these shows well enough to answer questions that others may have about them – up to a point that is – I’m the one who put together, just about single handedly, the Yahoo group b/c Scott was of no help to me at all. I mean yes we did start it together and he is really good at coming up with ideas but I’m the one who went in and filled out the information for everyone and who set up all the folders and created the welcome letter for the new members. I’m the one who put together the MySpace page and group and this blog as well. (I didn’t set up the Facebook page or group, that was Robert but he made me an administrator.)

Okay so it sounds like I’m being a glory hog and I’m just so self centered that all of this has to be about me but ya know what? I’m really working hard for this and I honestly feel like I’m all along! I don’t have a team of people helping me the way Jackie did. I have me. Yes Tammy and Mamma want to help and the day of the meet they will but up until then it’s kind of my project.

Not that I mind, I don’t, I have no life so this is all I have. I feel like I’m really working towards something ya know? Like I’m doing something important. Like “I’m shouting in my sleep,” as the song says. All of these amazing shows and sometimes I feel like I’m the ONLY one who remembers them, and not even all of them that are on my list but still. Then I read all the message boards and petitions begging Nickelodeon to give us a Classic Nick channel and wonder where those people are when I’m knocking myself out to put together this fan meet.

And honestly I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with it. I’ve never been to anything like this so how am I supposed to know what to do? (Although one thing I have learned is that I need to actually sell tickets to it before hand that way if they say they’re coming then I know that they are.) *NOTE* Those who had to back out of the meet we were supposed to have this last July/August could not help it. They had honest reasons for not being able to come and I am not upset with them in any way shape for form. Sometimes things just happen.

Anyway…IDK, maybe I am just rambling but I know in my gut that people want to remember these shows but maybe they don’t all realize that they are from the old days, that all of those wonderful shows they are remembering are actually from Nickelodeon. So the question is, how can I help them realize that? At this point I have no clue so I’ll just keep on working on the ideas I have and looking for new videos/DVDs to add to my collection which as grown by leeps and bounds!

I now have: “Marc Summers’ Magical Mystery Special”, “Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure” and I’m waiting for two DVDs of “Turkey Television”!!! I’m really excited to have them even though I don’t remember the Marc Summers’ special at all.

So now the next few things I need to look for and want so desperately to find are: “Kids’ Writes”, “Livewire” – with The Pink Ladies, Jackie Torrance – Storyteller and June Foray and also The Kids From Fame, “Spread Your Wings” – the episodes about a Spanish family and the guitar – also the one about the Russian girl and the one about the shadow puppets – I also seem to recall one about paper umbrellas… and “Double Dare” the original with Marc Summers not the family or super or any of the various versions which are out there.

Well I guess that’s it for now, I just needed to get my feelings out and try and clear my head. I need to go to bed and soon, I’m really tired.

Good night everyone…anyone…is anyone actually reading this? Doe anyone even care? Please let me know if you are, and Tammy you don’t count b/c I know you, like Julie knew her mother – in the movie.

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