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Marc Summers Injures Face In Taxi Accident

10:01 PM, Aug 18, 2012  | By Ann Oldenburg, USA TODAY http://www.floridatoday.com/usatoday/article/826644odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Ctext%7CNATION%7Cp 

Ryan Seacrest tweeted yesterday: "Just heard from my friend Marc Summers he was in a serious accident- cab he was in hydroplaned. Docs say he'll be ok. Wish him well @ibatvmc"

It didn't sound good for the host we remember from Nickelodeon's Double Dare show in the late '80s, early '90s.

Turns out Summers, 60, suffered multiple broken bones in his face and required emergency surgery after a bad car accident in Philadelphia last week, reports TMZ.

Summers, who hosts Unwrapped on the Food Network and whose production company is based in Philadelphia, told TMZ he can't remember much about the accident because he was in the back of a taxi when it hydroplaned and lost control.

Summers says he was was thrown into the clear partition inside the taxi cab face first. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors performed emergency plastic surgery.

He tells People.com: "Everything on the left side [of my face] from my eye socket down was just wiped out. My eye socket got all swollen. I'm having trouble seeing completely out of the left eye ... There's lots of titanium and screws in my face. I was pretty lucky that I didn't have brain damage," Summers adds.

TMZ reports he's home and resting in Philadelphia. "I'm all good ... just in a lot of pain."

On Twitter on Thursday, Summers thanked fans and "Mr. Seacrest" for the "kind words" and said, "Will Keep You posted as recovery continues. Much love and respect. Marc."

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