Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Special Delivery - A Movie Star's Daughter (1979)

As promised here this the Special Delivery that I told you I would post when I got my Word back but I should tell you that this Special Delivery is actually NOT a Special Delivery.

While researching the titles I had listed for the Nickelodeon Special Deliveries which aired during the 1980’s I discovered that this title, “A Movie Star's Daughter” from 1979 was actually an “ABC After School Special.” So, after watching this movie I have decided to include it in this “Special Delivery” series since it is in the same time frame as the other Special Delivery shows and fits the standards I have set for this blog, Yahoo group and Facebook pages / groups which is that programs and videos I post will be family friendly. Yes I realize that this is 2015 and practically anything goes and does on regular television and the internet however that is not the atmosphere that I promote.

Now without any further a due the Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog presents…

A Movie Star's Daughter (1979)

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