Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Show Title Needed

Show Title Needed

This post came from Mattniss Empowered on the Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery Community on Facebook. Can anyone help him out? Anyone know the name of this program or if he would be able to watch it online somewhere?

Thank you in advance,
Peggy Sue

Mattniss Empowered to Nickelodeon’s Special Delivery
I've been trying to locate a movie that I saw back in the 1980's on Special Delivery (I think). It was a Canadian Christmas movie and the plot revolved around an old man telling his grandson about this little lead soldier he got for Christmas one year. It flashed back to when he was a child and the Christmas he got it. There was a drunken uncle, a Christmas play (where the boy had to play Mary), and some other situations. I didn't really appreciate it then, but I think I would now. Any thoughts on what the title was?

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