Sunday, August 21, 2016

Julie & Julia Movie

Alright, I realize that this is the farthest topic from ‘80’s Nickelodeon that I can get but I can’t help it. Every time I see this film all I can think is, how can I take this blog to the next level? Keeping in mind that everything I post here goes out to my email group and gets posted on Facebook.

Ya know, I post and post and I’m so very thankful for all of you who “Like” these posts on Facebook and all of my subscribers but, does this blog make a difference? Does it really help you to remember “the good old days,” when you were a child and enjoying your favorite shows?

I know it does for me but then over the years I’ve been very fortunate to be able to purchase several of these classics on VHS and DVD so they truly are a part of my life but what about all of you? What would you like to see from this blog?

When I post my Special Deliveries do you show them to your kids? Do they like them? Do I need to post more videos? Articles? Tell me what you think but please note, it is only on a very rare occasion that I will write about a ‘90’s program and I certainly will NOT post any of those ‘90’s cartoons. Sorry if this offends you but this blog is about early to mid-1980’s with the rare glimpse of anything ‘90’s related. The post I made about the Legends of the Hidden Temple is a good example. The ‘90’s Nickelodeon generation is vastly larger than those of us who actually remember the very early ‘80’s programs. That coupled with the fact that many of those shows are now on DVD, plus they air a block of ‘90’s shows on one of the Nickelodeon networks means that your shows are readily available for viewing. Anyway I think you get the picture.

So all of that being said, what do you guys think? Feedback please, and thank you in advance. 

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