Thursday, June 15, 2017

You Know You’re Addicted to Classic Nickelodeon When / If...

- (For those with on-screen search) You still search for “Pinwheel”, “The Tomorrow People”, “YCDTOTV”, “Today’s Special” and various other Classic Nick shows.

- You ever wished you could jaunt, or had any other TP special power.

- You’ve ever wanted to go to London to search for the Lab or the Tomorrow People.

- You always talk in rhyme because Muffy does.

- You know the real meaning behind “hocus pocus alamagocus”.

- You can name all, or most, of the original cast of the TP. (I can yay!)

- You know that TP is the short form for “The Tomorrow People”.

- You didn’t like the 90’s remake of the TP.

- You were disappointed when the CW version of the TP didn’t include any of the original cast, and when they did they were under different names.

- You’ve started naming your pets, or children, after Classic Nickelodeon characters.

- To this day you are still afraid to say, “I don’t know”, or “water”, and when you do you look up and duck because you think slime or water is going to fall from the sky / ceiling.

- You spend your free time searching eBay and iOffer for Classic Nick stuff. (videos, games, books, etc.)

- You did, or still, have a crush on Jeff from “Today’s Special”.

- You actually know which one is Plus and which one is Minus.

- You ever tried any of the experiments on “Mr. Wizard’s World”.

- You remember watching music videos in between each show, this was BEFORE Nick Rocks.

- (For ‘80’s fans) You remember when Nick use to show more than just those crappy cartoons all through out the 90’s.

- (For ‘90’s fans) You remember what Nickelodeon was like before it became the “SpongeBob Square Pants” network!

- You remember the “nickelodeon song” that they use to play in between shows.

- You sit around thinking of ways to update “Pinwheel”, “Today’s Special” and “YCDTOTV”.

- You’ve ever done the “Hobo Bug Giggle Dance”.

- After watching the “Pinwheel Songbook” and hearing Ebenezer sing about his “lovely weeds” you’re out and about with your Mom, or your friend, and they are looking at different plants and mention something about weed control and you break out into song…

“Weeds how I love my lovely weeds
I attend to all their needs
They’ve my buddies they’re my weeds.
Weeds when you’re troubled my heart bleeds
All my care and whoa received
When I’m caring for my weeds”

- While you’re singing this they just look at you and laugh b/c they actually know the song and know that this is nothing unusual for you. (Guess that would make them a fan too huh?)

- You have a sound box collection. (Like Jake did on “Pinwheel”.)

- You campaign to have national “Les Lye” and “Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard)” days.

- You knew that Don Herbert was Mr. Wizard’s real name.

- You still have a crush on Christine (Moose) or Kevin/Alistair from “YCDTOTV”.

- You still have, or found on eBay, a “Double Dare” NES game. – And still have the system to be able to play it on! (I did find it and I have played it!)

- When you saw Marc Summers on “Unwrapped” you wondered why he wasn’t behind a podium reading off questions and why no one was covered in goop.

- You’ve ever built, or still want to build, your own “Double Dare” obstacle course.

- You’ve ever walking into a café and ordered a Barth Burger.

- You’ve ever made green slime.

- Not only did you make the slime you used it on your friends, or had them use it on you.

- You campaign to have a “show and tell day” at work so that you can take in different parts of your Classic Nickelodeon collection to show them off.

- You knew when, “it was just the introduction to the opposites.”

- You’ve ever said, “Duhhh I heard that.”

- You remember, “Who got you last.”

- You remember when “Pinwheel” was lunchtime entertainment.

- You know the significance of “Dare”, “Double Dare” and the “Physical Challenge”.

- You wanted to live on your own tiny planet with a talking rose like “The Little Prince”.

- By the end of the 80’s you could name the two shows Dave Coulier was on.

- You remember when “Uncle Joey” from “Full House” hosted “Out of Control”.

- You remember when you saw Dave Coulier on “Full House” and said, “Hey that’s the guy from “Out of Control!”” (I actually did that and I know others who have done that as well.)

- Your toughest lessons as a preschooler came from “Today’s Special”.

- When you meet someone named Jeff, Jodie, Sam or even Muffy you immediately start to sing the "Today's Special" theme song in your head so that you can remember their name. (This happened to me recently and it did help!)

- You go on Facebook and search for all your favorite CN shows then join every page and fan group you can find for it.

- When you can’t find a page or group for your particular show you start your own.

- You spend hours on eBay and iOffer hunting down your favorite CN shows. (I do this.)

- When you can’t find what you want you start hunting down private collectors and buy your shows through them. (I have done this several times and it was worth it!)

- You create a list like this to celebrate in your obsession!

- You start a CN Yahoo group, website and Facebook page / group.

- You still write fan letters to your favorite CN stars.

- While watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade you start to wonder what a CN parade would look like then start designing the floats and giant balloons. (Guilty)

- Every year on Halloween you dress up like your favorite CN character / cartoon.

- To celebrate Half-O-Ween in May (like Christmas in July) you dress up like your favorite CN character / cartoon.

- You hang out at, or ride, every roller coaster named in “Wild Rides” hoping that you’ll run into Matt Dillon.

- You program your cell phone to play a different CN theme song for every person on your contact list.

-Your default ringtone on your cell phone is the theme from “Pinwheel.” (Mine actually is.)

- You wonder if Smitty is still looking for the Admiral Byrd.

- You’re still hoping that Ebeneezer will full fill his life long goal to be on the front page of the "The Daily Noodle".

- You wonder if Silas the Snail is still trying to get to the other side of the garden, or if he’s ever going to make it to the snail convention.

- When you see the (then new) Energizer battery commercial it reminds you of the “Livewire” opening credits.

-You are friends with several CN stars.

-Someone asks if they can interview you for a new Nickelodeon documentary which will look back on the history of Nickelodeon. (I blogged about this not long ago.) 

-Your playlist is filed with music from Pinwheel, Today’s Special, Black Beauty’s theme, and so forth.

**NEW** You Know Your Mom is Addicted to 
Classic Nickelodeon When / If She...

-When you tell her it’s “John & Stephen’s” birthdays and she knows who you’re talking about.

-She asks you to with them happy birthday for her because she knows your friends with them on Facebook.

-She knows that a Barth burger is.

-She knows how to make REAL slime. (Not the versions they have out these days.)

-When you tell her that “Jake from Pinwheel” called you back she knows who you’re talking about and wants to hear all about it.

-She knows who Sam and Muffy are.

-On the day you’re supposed to go hang out with her she calls you and asks you to bring over Black Beauty and The Tomorrow People.

-She helps you put ideas together for your upcoming CN convention. (We’re working on it.) 

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