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Classic Nick Wed. – Hattytown Tales

Created in 1969 and airing until 1973 Hattytown Tales was a classic stop motion animation series which was produced by FilmFair for Thames Television in the United Kingdom. The series writer and creator, Keith Chatfield, also served as the show’s narrator which was directed by Ivor Wood. In the United States Hattytown Tales were featured on Pinwheel along with several other Pinwheel Cartoons which were usually imported from various countries.

Books of the series were published by World Distributors and featured in the Playland Comic (offshoot of Pippin) published by Polystyle Publications and in children's annuals for 10 years.

Hattytown Tales tells the story of its various residents who are anthropomorphic hats.  each character had its own unique ethnicity, attitude, and role in Hattytown society which was determined from the style of hat it was.

The main character, Sancho, is a Mexican sombrero with legs and eyes. Carrots, his best friend, is a donkey with a carrot dangling in front of his face. Other residents include Bobby, the constable, which is represented by a policeman’s hat. Other residents include Mr. Buns – a chief’s hat, a king – who was a crown and so forth. Their homes also resembled the same has as the character who wore it.

VHS Releases (from Wikipedia)
On 17 July 1995, Castle Communications released three videos with five episodes on each one. The copyright year on the back cover and the label is mistakenly printed as 1981 even though all 13 Series 1 episodes of Hattytown Tales were broadcast on ATV in 1969 and the first two Series 2 episodes of Hattytown Tales were broadcast on ATV in 1970.

Title: Hatty Town: 5 Classic Adventures
Catalogue Number: CVS 4054
Episodes: Mr. Wimple's Breakfast Rolls, Bobby's Flower Garden, Carrot's Carrot, King Elthelbert, Milko's Day Off

Title: Hatty Town: 5 Exciting Episodes
Catalogue Number: CVS 4055
Episodes: Simon's Magnifying Glass, Going Fishing, The Statue, Sancho's Camera, Posty's Old Boots

Title: Hatty Town: 5 Fun Episodes
Catalogue Number: CVS 4056
Episodes: You Cannot Please Anyone, Wash Day, The King's Portrait, Saving Time, Up and Away

On 14 May 2001, Contender Entertainment Group released a single video it with the first three episodes on it in its 'kult kidz' range of classic children's shows from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that were released on video.

Title: Hattytown Tales
Catalogue Number: Ø
Episodes: Mr. Wimple's Breakfast Rolls, Bobby's Flower Garden, Carrot's Carrot

Episode Titles

Series 1 (1969)
Mr. Wimple's Breakfast Rolls
Bobby's Flower Garden
Carrot's Carrot
King Ethelbert
Milko's Day Off
Simon's Magnifying Glass
Going Fishing
The Statue
Sancho's Camera
Posty's Old Boots
You Cannot Please Everyone
Wash Day
The King's Portrait

Series 2 (1970)
Saving Time
Up and Away
Creatures of Outer Space
Almost Magic
The Pillar Box
The Royal Hattytown Guards
The Picnic
The Cannon
Carrots for the Mayor
Too Much of a Good Thing
Hiccup Buns

Series 3 (1973)
Bobby's Security Patrol
Mr. Bun the Master Baker
The Walking Pillar Box
The Fete
A Note for the Milkman
Sneezy Cheese
Mrs. Bagwash and the King
The Secret Tunnel
It Pays to Advertise
The Auction
The Telephone Box
A Taxi for Hire
Mustafer the Hedgehog

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