Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy 39th Anniversary Nickelodeon

On April 1, 1979 the Pinwheel Channel re-launched as Nickelodeon, the first Network for kids. Thirty-Nine years later and Nickelodeon is still with us howbeit completely different from it’s humble beginnings. So, come join in the fun as we celebrate our Nickelodeon and hopefully next year, we we’ll all be celebrating Nickelodeon 40th Anniversary together at the first ever Nickelodeon Fan Convention.

Nickelodeon 1981 Promo

Video Comics


Hocus Focus

Dusty’s Treehouse

Vegetable Soup

Today’s Special

The Adventures of Black Beauty (S1 E1)

The Adventures of Black Beauty (S2 E1)

The New Adventures of Black Beauty (Picks up with Jenny from S2)

Matt and Jenny

Adventures in Rainbow Country

First Row Features (Opening Credits)

Nickelodeon ad with Fred Newman (1983)

The Third Eye – Under the Mountain

What Will They Think Of Next (Science International)

You Can’t Do That On Television

The Tomorrow People

Against the Odds

Kids’ Writes

Belle & Sebastian

Adventures of the Little Prince

Danger Mouse

Double Dare

Nick Rocks: Video To Go

Out Of Control – Dave Coulier vs. Fred Newman

Standby... Lights! Camera! Action!

Mr. Wizard's World

Count Duckula

Dave the Gnome

Maya the Bee

Hey Dude Outtakes 1989

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Don't Just Sit There - 1989 (The Health Show)

Nick at Nite "Promo Feed" (January 1, 1990)

UFO Kidnapped

Livewire & Commercials

Columbus & America Goes Bananaz

The Monkees at 50

Nick Rocks Closing, Commercials, And Bumpers (October 31, 1986)

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