Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Special Delivery – CATS

With the new CATS movie now out and creeping through the dark alley ways I thought it was only fitting that I bring to your versions of CATS that is more fitting for the Classic CATS Fan. There are a lot of videos here and please keep in mind that they are not all professional casts; some of them are high school kids but I love their creativity when it comes to the set and their costumes. Anyway, with that said I hope you enjoy these. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

The Company of CATS – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

 Cats Musical, Boston 2007 - Part One

 Cats Musical, Boston 2007 - Part Two

 Cats the Musical. MAD (Music, Arts, Drama) Class of 2013

Cats: Sachem East High School 2012

CATS the Musical – Tech Rehearsal (Act 1)

 CATS the Musical – Tech Rehearsal (Act 2)

Macskák Musical 1 Felvonás

Macskák Musical 2 Felvonás

CATS Musical

Coro Xaliscantos Adaptacion de Cats el Musical Ing.

CATS Thornton Academy Act 1

CATS Thornton Academy Act 2

Cats the Musical – Cypress Bay High School

CK Productions NY presents CATS the Musical

Cats (2014) Theatre


Cat's Musical

 Cats – Cumberland Valley High School

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